Spring Clean Up

Your Body Is Earning For It! 

Spring is a natural cleansing season. The rain  is washing away the snow, and all the dirt along with it, preparing the ground for a new  life in April.

Our bodies yearn to go through this natural cleansing period as well. Once it gets a little warmer, the human organism is wired to shed off extra winter pounds that kept us warm during the winter, flush out toxins that were accumulated from heavy cold weather foods, and to generally lighten up preparing for warmer seasons.

If you don’t recognize this natural pattern or worse try to resist it by loading up on heavy foods, it will lead to internal clogging – spring allergies, sluggishness, water retention, heaviness in the limbs, and seasonal affective disorder. Yep, depression can easily be attributed to a highly intoxicated organism. There is no pleasure to live swimming in your own by-products. (Sorry for the unpleasant words, but there is no other way to put it).

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Toxins or ama negatively effects all aspects of our being. If you notice that your tongue is thickly coated in the morning, that joint pain accompanies movement, that your nose feels stuffed even when you don’t have a cold, and that even the strongest anti-perspirant can’t prevent a strong body odor, you body is in dire need of a cleanse.

No matter how clogged up we feel, the idea of starving yourself to cleanse is a little scary to most who can’t give up work and family responsibilities and retreat into week-long Spring cleansing. However, detox doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need to do is to facilitate and support the natural cleansing process and the organs responsible for it.

Below are a few ways that you can support a cleansing function of each organ without turning into a cranky starving oldster. Some are old well-known and are still as effective as they were a 100 years ago so we list them as a reminder. Others might be not so customary and we are excited to share them with you. To continue reading, go here

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