Reduce Anxiety and Stress Around Food Through Body Mapping

Food is a big part of our daily life. We think about food often, we interact with it several times a day, a lot of our good and bad memories are associated with food. However, rarely do we think about our RELATIONSHIP with food.

Is it a happy relationship that brings us satisfaction and peace or does it feel stressful, overwhelming and creates anxiety and tension? Is it a healthy relationship or an abusive one?

This is a very important relationship to figure out since food will always be a part of our daily life. It would only do us good to have a nourishing and peaceful relationship with food, instead of a stressful one.

I got together with a friend of mine and an authenticity coach, Caroline Zwick, to talk about our tricky relationship with food.

In a short but very insightful dialogue we covered a few interesting questions:

  • What defines our relationship to food and why it is worth exploring
  • Why so many people have a love/hate relationship with food: we crave it but we are afraid that it will make us fat, we claim to love it but we eat it without savoring. What’s the deal with that?
  • The issue of emotional eating and why it is easier to eat when one is upset rather than to deal with emotions.
  • The effects of body mapping and ways it can help improve our relationship with food

Caroline is offering a Body Mapping workshop on March 26th. I am going to be there and invite all of you to join us! If you mention that you found out about this workshop through me (Nadya), you will get a 25% discount.

This workshop will guide you to explore your emotions more deeply on a physical level. By acknowledging, befriending, and soothing your own emotional experiences you will be able to show up more fully, more lovingly, and more authentically in your relationships. Learn more here.

Space for this workshop is limited!

To sign up and ask questions: Email, subject line “Body Mapping (include date of workshop you are interested in)”

Body-mapping is an amazing exercise that gently guides you to recognize your emotions fully first and then explore them in a deeper somatic sense. You can begin to own your experiences. This owning of your inner processes is the first step in getting unstuck, in befriending yourself fully, and in moving forward with more ease and fluidity. If you feel totally overwhelmed by your own emotions, how can you expect other people to deal with them constructively? More details are here.


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