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Remembering 9/11 and a free yoga class tomorrow

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We live in a mostly safe world and often take our safe life for granted. Of course human life should be safe in a perfect world but, unfortunately, our world is not perfect yet. People still carry a lot of anger in them, jealousy is abundant, starvation is omnipresent and true forgiveness is hard to pass by. Our world can use a little a lot more compassion, smiles, and selfless love.

On the days like tomorrow, a ten year anniversary of 9/11, we come together to remember those who died, those who helped the survivors and cleaned up the mess. Most importantly, today should remind us of the lessons we learned.

It is a reminder that we can die any minute and that we should live keeping it in mind. Live like you are mean it!

It is a reminder that a real human connection, community, and our loved ones are what matter the most. Try to think about it the next time you reschedule a family dinner or start a fight with a friend.

To commemorate 9/11 and to celebrate life, I will be teaching a free yoga class tomorrow at Pablo Fitness at 2-3:15pm.

Come to celebrate life and get some sweat on!

See you at Pablo’s!


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