Letting Go Of Compulsive Eating With The Help Of Mindfulness

How Are Dieting and Restriction Working For You?

If dieting and restriction work for you than this softer and more intuitive approach might not be for you right now.

However, if you feel the need to find another way to work through old eating patterns that are keeping you stuck with digestive upset, internal distrust, unnecessary weight, or a poor self-image Mindful Eating might be just the right thing for you right now.

I invite you to experience the shift that mindfulness can bring into your life if:

  • You know that dieting is not for you
  • You believe deep inside that it is possible to live in a trusting relationship with your body
  • You want to feel that your mind and body are on one team

I believe that no woman deserves to live in self-hate, in a self-loathing relationship with her body.

mindfulness researchA lot if compulsive behaviors, including uncontrollable snacking, bingeing, overeating are a sign of the lack of skill to be present in the moment. When we can’t feel the body, when we don’t want to be present with emotions, when we don’t prioritize feeling good short and long term, we react to triggers. We lose our ability to choose. We become slaves to old patterns and habits.

Mindfulness creates space between trigger (emotion, boredom, fatigue, irritation) and our reaction. It allows to choose what action you want to take. It gives you a unique opportunity to align your actions to the way you want to feel and look in your body.

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools that can help us break patterns and habits that are hurting us. More and more scientific studies prove the effectiveness of mindfulness practices in weight loss, emotional eating, compulsive behaviors, and binge eating.

As any skill, mindfulness needs to be developed and practiced. Mindful Eating workshop on Aug 21st is your chance! You can register here but make sure to read all the way to the bottom of this article and do the exercises below, too! Registration for one at $70  or Registration for two at $100

Choose Your Future You

  • How would you feel if your daily behaviors, cravings, urges were supporting your dream body and a healthy digestion?
  • How would it feel not to be afraid of your favorite foods because you lose control in front of them?
  • And how would it feel to trust yourself at home when you are alone at night, at the restaurant with friends, at a BBQ? To know that every single cell in your body is on your side and will support you in creating the health and the body you want. A body that functions well, looks amazing, feels full of energy, and glows with happiness.

It is all possible if you choose it. You have a choice to stay on the road that you are walking now or to change the direction and move towards the state of health and body that you want. If you want to feel differently than you do now, your need to change your behaviors, attitudes, and environment.

Look Into The Future

Lets do a little visualization exercise: Close your eyes and try to get a clear picture of what is happening in your life now: your daily energy, your digestion, your self-esteem, your dialogue with your body, your sense of fulfillment.

Answer these questions for yourself:

  • If you stay where you are now and keep doing what you are doing now, what is waiting for you in a month, in a year, in 5 years?
  • Where will you be?
  • How will you look?
  • How are you relationships?
  • How do you feel about your self?
  • What do others think about you?
  • Are you going to be where you want to be?

If the picture you saw was not attractive, if this is not where you want to end up, you need to change your approach. There is no point to hope for a different result if you keep doing something that has not worked so far. If you chose restriction, dieting, and control but it is not working the way you want it to, let me show you another way. You have nothing to lose by just giving it a try!

Create A Shift

mindful eating workshopCompulsive eating behaviors kill from the inside. Overeating, grazing, bingeing mess with our digestion, distort our body image, screw with our confidence, and deplete our self-trust.

If you want to have vibrant energy, feel light and easy in your body, and finally achieve your healthy weight, this workshop is for you!

This experiential workshop is also for you if:

▪    You are tired of relying on willpower to control your portions
▪    You avoid certain foods because you lack self-control
▪    You frequently find yourself overeating to the point of discomfort and then feeling guilty and  groggy the next morning
▪    You feel stuck in a pattern of emotional eating that hurts your body and your feelings
▪    You want to regain self-trust between you and your cravings
▪    You want better digestion with less bloating
▪    You know that strict diets don’t work for you and you are ready to try something new

What You’ll Learn:

There will be some theory but it will mostly be practice. We will work together to create an experience to help your body relax and enjoy the food in a way that you’ve never done before!

This workshop will help you get intune with your body’s cues so you know when it had enough to eat so you don’t have to use your willpower.

You will learn principles of mindful eating that you can use to reduce the amount and the frequency of binges and skills to eat at any party, buffet, or summer picnics without finding yourself with a distended overloaded stomach.

What You’ll Receive:

▪    A refreshing “welcome” tea or juice
▪    An overview of Mindful Eating principles
▪    Playful exercises to get in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness cues
▪    Skills and meditation techniques to reduce emotional eating, bingeing, andEMotionaleatingbanner strong cravings
▪    A  beautiful Ayurvedic meal

In this workshop I will help you to become more comfortable in the art of listening to YOUR body when it comes to making decisions about food.

Registration for one at $70  or Registration for two at $100

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