I am quitting my job. Here is what I am going to do from now on

For the last 5 wonderful years I have been writing about digestion, creating happy bellies, reducing bloating and getting regular.

I love all of these topics and think they are very important but starting today I won’t be writing about them anymore.

Since after I launched my book Happy Belly, I felt that I was complete on the subject but I couldn’t figure out the next steps. So I kept pushing with weightloss and digestion related articles and programs. However, it didn’t feel easy and inspired anymore. Instead it felt like a chore. And this is not what I’m about.

I want to feel ease, joy and freedom in my work as much as I want to feel it in my body.

It might seem selfish but I design my life and my work around my desires and values.

After feeling a bit stuck for few months, I spent 3 days with a woman who helps other women to find their voice and get clear on their message. Boy, oh boy! What happened was beyond my expectations!

I wanted to get clear on my core message and my overarching philosophy. But instead I got an in person example of living a purposeful life with grace, intention and heart connection.

We spent time in nature talking about women that I want to support, we cried from feeling the depth of the message coming through me, we laughed at how fun it can be to live in a woman’s body, and most importantly she helped me to get clear.

For the first time ever I feel very clear about my message and my work. I feel called to support women in breaking free from the physical issues that are acting like black holes in their lives sucking energy, time, attention, and money.

See if you recognize yourself in this portrait (this is the woman I will be writing for and creating programs for): I know that you are feeling a bit dissatisfied, at a loss and disappointed in you life-long quest to find the key to feeling your best. You have been on this journey for a while now, you learned a lot (more than 90% of people around you). You already eat mostly whole foods. You know your way in the labyrinths of vegan, paleo, allergen-free, high-nutrient diets. You try to prioritize self-care. You move your body regularly (or at least you try most days), you watch what you eat (even though it feels restrictive and limiting at times), you tried meditation and maybe even went on a couple of health/yoga retreats.

But with all your effort and focus, you still don’t feel that you know what it really takes to feel amazing. There are still symptoms in your body that you wish you didn’t have. In the mornings your energy as not as high as you would like it to be, or your stomach gets bloated from supposedly healthy food, you can’t always get a handle on worry and anxiety, and you are not sure why some days your brain is too foggy to work.

Even though you are doing everything right and doing a lot more for your body than most, you don’t feel that the results of your effort pay back proportionally. You still have lots of questions, feel confused about contradicting aspects of various approaches to nutrition, and not sure how to support your UNIQUE body or for that matter what is so unique about it.

This constant search of the solution, the best approach to eating, resolving the physical issue is like a black hole that is sucking your energy, time and money. Just think how much time you spend on google, reading articles, watching interviews. And about various supplements that you tried. Do you have a burial yard for supplements in your kitchen? You keep putting your hope in the next promising diet, supplement, or healer and while they can help for a while, soon after you are back to your questions and doubts.

Just imagine what it would feel like to close this black hole off. How much energy, time, and money would be freed up. Your attention could turn back into living a joyful vibrant, full life where you feel connected to others around you, instead of being focused on that annoying physical issue that you can’t fix? You would have the energy to play and do the work that you are meant to do. You wouldn’t feel torn in different directions by opposing approached because you would be grounded and confident in your choices. You would feel comfortable and at home in your body and in the world around you. Presence, ease, and balanced energy would be your normal.

I know how it feels to be sucked into this constant search for the solution because for the longest time I tried to find my “solution’ in the form of the diet, supplements, or a healing method. I thought some expert would have all the answer for me but everyone seemed to give me only bits and pieces that I had to put together over the last several years. My desire is to support you in putting all the pieces together so you have a clear understanding of how to support your UNIQUE body without feeling drained, overwhelmed or conflicted. I want to help you find EASE, JOY, and deep CONNECTION when it comes to food, your body, your environment.

I will be sharing a lot more about my new mission, philosophy, and support systems in the near future but for now, I want to help you take a step towards creating more EASE, JOY, and CONNECTION in your relationship with your body and food.

I’m so excited to share with you a fun, free, 14-day challenge to help you transform your relationship to food and your body. It is a unique offering that beautifully combines mindfulness practices, self-compassion, reflection, and ayurveda.

Check out the Beautiful Plate Challenge here, I think you’re going to love it!

The Beautiful Plate Challenge starts on October 15th, so make sure and sign up today so you can get in on the action!

Besides taking a step towards healing your relationship with food and your body, you can also win a ton of prizes by participating in the challenge. My team worked for weeks to bring together our favorite health and wellness brands. Each day we will celebrate with a beautiful prize that will help you live a healthy, vibrant life.

Lots of Love,

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