Delivering Happiness V - Be Humble

Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

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We are almost done with Zappos shoe story and their incredible core values. The last core value that is very relevant to yoga business and yoga practice is Being Humble. By humble I don’t mean not appreciating your work, education, and knowledge or having a low self-esteem. It means being accepting of others opinions and choices, not considering yourself the ultimate truth or authority. There is always something to learn, someone who knows more, or somebody who wants to share their story. There are many different roads that lead to the same final destination; it is not up to us to make choices for others. Often being humble means being more authentic and showing your true emotions. Taking your armor off and letting your inner light shine through, you will become more approachable and magnetic to others.

One last important aspect of being humble is treating your body with respect and listening to it, especially when it comes to injuries. In a goal-centered culture even yoga can turn into a competition. Instead of pushing for the most challenging variation, choose the one that feels best in the current moment. Strive to quiet down your mental chatter and connect to the breath instead of huffing and puffing through pain to prove some non-existent point!

Question to ponder: Do you consider yourself humble and easy to approach? How often do you catch yourself criticizing someone of thinking that you are better/smarter than someone else? How did your practice change the last time you didn’t feel well or had an injury?

Strategy: Be humble with your students and with other teachers, show them respect and willingness to listen to their point of view.  Don’t be too cool to talk to. I am still amazed at how much I learn from every class I take or teach. Students are your best teachers, listen to them! Take your time to thank those who help you along the way or just make you smile. If one day you have an injury, treat yourself as you would treat a student with an injury – with patience, care, and plenty of restorative variations!

My Intention: Strive to learn from fellow teachers and students by asking more questions and being attentive.

Let me know what you think about Zappos core values and whether you find them applicable to yoga or any other wellness business. Would like to hear your thoughts!

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