An Ultimate Healthy Cookbook: Crazy Sexy Kitchen

The woman who made prevention hot is now making it delicious! Crazy Sexy Kitchen, the follow-up to Kris Carr’s New York Times bestseller Crazy Sexy Diet, is a Veggie Manifesto for plant-empowered gourmands and novices alike, and it’s filled with inspiration, education, cooking tips, and over 150 nourishing, nosh-worthy recipes. Infused with her signature humor, style, and personal stories, Crazy Sexy Kitchen redefines the kitchen as headquarters for America’s wellness revolution. The goodness born in the Crazy Sexy Kitchen will reach deep into the rest of your life—enriching your health, your home, your heart, and the planet.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen gives readers all the tools and know-how needed to adopt a joyful and vibrant Crazy Sexy Diet and Lifestyle. What is the Crazy Sexy Diet and Lifestyle, you ask? A nutrient-dense, plant-happy approach to eating and living that harmonizes your beautiful body at the cellular level. It’s a celebratory way of life that’s deeply connected, healthy, awake and engaged. Now that’s SEXY!

Like a long, luxurious meal, Crazy Sexy Kitchen is laid out in courses. You’ll start with a detailed review of the Crazy Sexy Diet. Next you’ll learn how to stock your culinary arsenal. Kris will show you how to find the best kitchen tools and equipment, and prep you with basic culinary skills and lingo. Handy symbols like, gluten-free, soy-free, kid-friendly—and for the time pressed—Crazy Sexy Quickies, help you to easily identify the recipes that are perfect for your dietary needs. Not sure how to put a whole meal together? No problem. Crazy Sexy Kitchen covers that, too—with a hearty dose of menu plans and recipes to inspire and delight.

Joined by Whole Foods chef, Chad Sarno, Crazy Sexy Kitchen offers over 150 delicious, nutrient-dense recipes designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul. From juicing to planning a three-course meal, Crazy Sexy Kitchen has all the essentials to fill your kitchen (and life!) with health, happiness, family, friends, and good times.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen is on shelves and ready to recharge your life TODAY. As a token of her thanks, Kris has created two extraordinary gifts for her readers. Here’s what you’ll receive when you buy the book. Snag your copy now!

Starting October 30th, Kris is giving away these two gifts–one for online buyers and one for in-store buyers:

1. Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes. These online videos are the perfect complement to Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Readers will get 12 videos, and over an hour and a half of footage of Kris Carr and Chef Chad Sarno, filmed at Whole Foods Market Culinary Center in New York City. Her goal with these classes is simple: to help readers feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

Buy your book online, and submit your receipt # here to receive: Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes! Learn how to cook and create a plant-passionate kitchen with Kris and Chef Chad. This is her heartfelt thank you for buying the book online.

2. Online access to the Dinner with Kris series. This three-part series will take place once a month for three months, starting November 28th. Picture this: A tasty, celebratory, mind-expanding monthly soiree in Kris’ very own home. She’ll be dressed in her finest (I hope you will too) and sitting down for a Crazy Sexy Kitchen-inspired meal with two or three fabulous guests who are at the cutting edge of their field (think medicine, spirituality, nutrition and all things food) to gab, gush and chow down.

Buy your book in a bricks & mortar bookstore, and submit your receipt # here to receive: Online access to the live streaming video of a three-part Dinner with Kris series — a digital Crazy Sexy Kitchen-fueled dinner at Kris’ home with special guests! This is her heartfelt thank you for buying the book at your local bookstore (they need our support too, now more than ever!).

Now that you can sample the recipes in the sneak peek and you know about the incredible bonuses you’ll get with the book (plus boundless health and energy), what are you waiting for?! I hope you’ll join me in making Crazy Sexy Kitchen part of your kitchen today.

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