10 Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals That Every Woman Must Know About

When I heard for the first time on the plane that you need to put your oxygen mask first before helping others I felt my insides protest. Isn’t it being there for others, especially your child or your loved one is more important?

oxygenmaskEven now when I think about it, it is hard to imagine taking care of my oxygen mask before making sure that my kid or my love are safe. And I think most women instinctively reach to help others before their needs are met.

Are You Breaking The Major Self-Care Rules?

This happens not only in the emergency on a flight, it happens on a daily basis. For many mothers and wives it is a daily living algorithm. Every day they make sure that everyone is OK, fridge is full, everyone is fed, homework is done, and pets are taken care of.

Then if there is still time and energy left, we add in self-care, which usually ends up being not of the best quality because we are too tired. Maybe a little yoga here and there or a workout that leaves you feeling drained not energized, an occasional healthy dish but more often a store-bought cookie or chocolate, and maybe once in a while a massage. Does it sound familiar to you? If yes, I have a very special free class for you. You will be able to register below or check out the class now if you are too excited to read the whole article. 🙂

Many women think of self-care as a luxury that only people without families and with a lot of money can enjoy. For most busy folks who don’t have bundles of cash lying around self-care is an extra, not a necessity. Investing time in taking care of yourself may even feel selfish considering that you need to take care of the global and our family’s well-being.

The Truth Behind Self-Care

But let’s get clear on something. The real reason why prioritizing self-care is necessary and why it should not feel selfish at all.

This weekend I really felt the wisdom of having to put your oxygen mask first. Or you could say fill your vessel first in order to fill others. What dawned on me is that it is not selfish to take care of yourself.

It is actually better for the whole world if we take care of our own health and energy. It allows us to serve everyone around from a calmer and stronger place. If you are depleted and sick, you are not able to do what you are meant to do in the best way possible.

You must prioritize self-care until you feel strong and inspired enough to help others.

Self-care practices that nourish your body don’t have to be time-consuming to be effective. They just need to be daily, consistent, and a priority.
Morning Glow Class Invite
If after a few years of ignoring our self-care and abusing our body, you feel that your hormones are out of whack, digestion doesn’t work properly, skin is not glowing, and life feels overwhelming and stressful, it is time to change that.

On April 3rd a friend of mine Ashley Pitman, the founder of the virtual ashram Vixi, and I will be teaching a free video class on 10 self-care rituals that can help jump start that self-care routine that your body needs to be healthy and vibrant. You can register here

We will talk about 10 self-care rituals that every woman must know about and ways to fit those practices into your day. If you can’t make it to the class live, you will be able to watch the recording any time after.

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