Coconut Water

Is Yours Harmless?

Hello fellow foodies,

Last week started out really interesting. I got an email from a cool new company that produces raw harmlessly-harvested COCONUT WATER in NYC. They were asking me if I would like to try it and to review it. Hmm… Of course I would!

Ever since my last trip to Kerala, India, I was in love with fresh coconut water. We were getting a young coconut as an after-massage treat every day at the ayurvedic resort on the Arabian sea.

It was slightly sweet, crisp, and very refreshing. I was one of those people who never liked coconut water until I tried the real thing in Kerala. Usually, unless I like the taste of something, no matter what nutrients the food has or how good it is supposed to be for you, I won’t eat or drink it. Upon returning to NYC, I tried some coconut water available at Whole Foods but nothing was similar to the real thing. It made sense – local produce always tastes better and transporting it for thousands of miles changes the taste… Or so I thought, until I tried Harmless Harvest :).

If you ever tried the real thing, you will love Harmless Harvest coconut water. The team behind it is very passionate about bringing the best raw coconut water to the market. Harmless Harvest works with a small group of independent eco-farms in Thailand where young coconuts are hand-picked at the perfect moment for peak nutrients. The logo on the bottle states that the water is never heated and always harmless. To do that, thousands of pounds of pressure is applied to every bottle to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria without the use of high temperatures that can destroy nutrients.

I am not the only one who appreciates the effort behind the taste of Harmless Harvest coconut water. There some rave reviews here and here.

If you are into health finds and interesting facts, you might know that coconut water has the same mineral nutrient balance as plasma. It is nature’s perfect creation for rapid, restoring, and hydration. Surprisingly an 8oz bottle that has only 45 calories and provides 10% of a daily fiber intake and 2 grams of protein. That’s a better deal than many health food bars. Harmless Harvest offers some interesting resources about coconut water on their website.

Harmless Harvest is available at Whole Foods in NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut and soon should be available country-wide. For now if you really can’t wait to try it and would like a case of this treasure hand-delivered to your door, I got something for you:).

Harmless Harvest will give 12 bottles of their raw unheated coconut water to lucky winner of a coconut water recipe contest. If you have a favourite smoothie recipe, ice cream, raw dessert, anything else that calls for a coconut water, post it in the comments section. The founders of Harmless Harvest will choose a winner and hand-deliver a case of coconut water to his/her doorstep.

The product is difficult to transport and as of now available only in NYC. You have to be a resident of one of 5 boroughs to participate.

PS: I will be the first one to share one of my favorite recipes with coconut water power smoothie: blend coconut water, coconut meat, a small papaya, some blueberries, lime juice, aloe vera and raw cacao.

Please share your recipes and stay tuned to see if you will be the one getting a case of Harmless Harvest Coconut water!


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