After-Thanksgiving Detox

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are all enjoy this wonderful holiday! Whatever you choose to list in your grace be honest and let it come from the heart. Feel the grace, don’t just say it.

Ayurvedic Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

It is almost Thanksgiving. A few posts ago I told you why I really like this holiday besides the tasty food. It is fun to hang around with family and friends and to enjoy plentiful food. The food doesn’t have to be bad to be delicious!

Yogi's Grace

Happy Thanksgiving guys!
It’s been 6th years since I was first introduced to Thanksgiving as a holiday and it became one of my favorite days to celebrate. Not just because of the turkey and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie (even though, I do love them) but because it is an entire day devoted to acknowledging everyone and everything that makes our life so beautiful.
We live in a very abundant time by historical standards and it makes hard to appreciate little things. Barely 100 years ago very few people could afford a separate family house, 3 meals a day, or to stay warm during the winter. Our life would be considered luxurious by our ancestors’ standards. Now, we take it for granted. Our health, intelligence, family, an ability to breathe, see, and walk are rarely noted as well. We pay attention to it when it is lost not while it is present. This ignorance and lack of awareness might be a reason that the richest society on earth has the highest rate of depression. Things don’t make us happy, acknowledging the fact that you have something and being grateful for it does! Gratitude has the power to make us happy in a very deep and meaningful way. It feels amazing to wiggle toes and fingers after a deep relaxation being fully aware of how precious our ability to move is.

ButtaNut Recipe

The recipe was created by my friend and a yoga student Maura Miles.