Ayurvedic Protocol For Days When You Feel Sluggish and Tired

There are days, especially in the Spring when you can barely wake up, feel sluggish and puffy, stomach looks bloated and expanded, and your mind is foggy. Heavy, slow, dull Kapha dosha is reigning the weather and our bodies until it gets warm and toasty.

Is Your Tongue Trying to Tell You Something Important?

We all have our pet peeves. Some hate when a toilet paper roll is placed the wrong way, others cringe their teeth at noisy eaters, and many of us dislike when someone is taking forever to order when there is a line (juice bar lunch line that is:)).

Quick Power Up Breakfast Bread (Gluten, Sugar, Fat Free)

There are days when there is barely any time to take a slow breath and definitely no time to cook a healthy breakfast. If you are familiar with a feeling and anxiety and being overwhelmed from the early waking hours and running around on coffee until late afternoon, I hope this recipe will help.

Ayurvedic Take on Juice Cleanse

Does cleansing from long-stored toxins and regaining child like energy sound appealing to you? Did you hear amazing reviews from friends and strangers about the miracle powers of a week-long juice cleanse? Are you considering investing in one sometime soon?

Springtime Ayurvedic Shopping List

The seasons are changing and our bodies are changing along with the nature. I can usually tell when the seasons are about to change because my body is starting to ask for a different kind of nourishment. As of last week, my belly is predicting the coming of Spring! Every Thursday I try to stop by Lifethyme to get lunch. The entire winter I kept choosing the same dish: a rich medley of roasted squash, zucchini, and onions with a bean casserole. It was nourishing, warm, and very hearty – a perfect meal for a dry cold Vata season. Last week, when the weather changed from freezing cold to a slightly warmer breeze my regular lunch didn’t seem so appetizing anymore. Instead I was craving something bitter and spicy. According to Ayurveda such shift in cravings is normal during Spring time. Both ancient Ayurvedic text such as Charaka Samhita, and modern ayurvedic practitioners including Dr Vassant Lad agree that it is natural to crave foods that have bitter, pungent, and astringent tastes during the cold wet Kapha season (Spring). All the foods that are warm, light, dry, and spicy help to counter balance the heavy dull qualities of Kapha.

Sleepy Kapha Monster

Chilly days, recurrent snow storms and gray sky are predecessors of a looming Kapha season. Changes in the nature always lead to the changes in our bodies. Heavy, wet, and cold by its nature Kapha reigns our world from late January to the end of April. It influences everything in our daily existence from energy levels to sleep quality, from body weight to mood. When balanced Kapha creates a sense of security, stability, and internal peace. It makes you feel as if you were under a warm soft blanket with a cup of cocoa even during the most challenging times. It improves your intuition and encourages compassion. But not everything is perfect about Kapha. Once you step off the thin edge of a balanced healthy Kapha, you end up in a depressed moody tired state. Life looses its bright colors, early morning doesn’t inspire you, and a chronic cold seems to follow. Physically, Kapha can show up as frequent colds, allergies, and weight gain. With increased kapha there is a tendency for toxins to gather and be held onto in our tissues.