Start Of Your Day Right

What you have for breakfast and the amount of food you consume will determine how you feel throughout the day, how well your digestion works, and how much energy you have. Breakfast has to provide simple easy-to-digest nutrients that will charge you up with energy and gently wake up your digestive fire after a night of fasting. In the morning your agni (digestive fire) is just starting out.  Think of warm coals that need to be restarted by bits of kindling to turn into a fire. At the start of the day, when agni is low, it’s not easy to digest a big breakfast. A heavy breakfast consisting out of too much bread, sugar or oil, or the one with a wrong combination of foods will make you sluggish, form toxins, accumulate excess fat, and induce unhealthy cravings for the rest of the day. To prevent this, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend an easily digestible meal that nourishes without overwhelming our bodies.