How to Get Back to Feeling HEALTHY After a Weekend of Behaving BADLY

Last night on the way back from quiet restful weekend in Miami, we were surrounded with barely awake, hangover, sunbunt folks who tried to hide from the bright cabin light and restlessly tried to find the most comfortable position in uncomfortable airplane seat to pass out (probably for the 1st time in 3 days). The victims of a long party weekend! Throbbing headache, foggy mind, uneasy stomach, nausea, fatigue – my compassion goes your way, people!

Smiley Resolution

2 days until we step in 2011. It seems like not too long ago 2011 existed only in science fiction movies where cars were flying and people were half robots. And the truth is that all the sci fi theories were not too far off. We are a very technologically advanced society compared to the last century. We can cross the oceans in one day, we can video chat with people living in other continents for free, and we can even point a tiny device to the sky that can tell us about the stars (iphone app). Our grand parents would not believe such things were possible when they were our age!

Avoiding the Blues of a Rainy Day

A few weeks ago I wrote an article at about keeping the energy levels up when it is gloomy and rainy outside. It seems particularly relevant today – it’s been raining all night and doesn’t seem to stop…