Emotional Eating, Breathing, and Finding Your Nutrition Intuition

I spent years feeling torn apart by various nutrition theories and scientific studies. Eastern, Western, raw, vegan, high-protein, athletic, high card, high weights, yoga, walking… I kept reading non stop, trying different things out, thinking that if it worked for so many people it should work for me.

5 Amazing Benefits of Deep Breath

If you ever been to a yoga class or tai chi or any other mindful movement class, you must’ve heard endless praise to deep breath. Instructors can go on and on about diaphragmic breathing, about engaging the entire ribcage and abdominal muscles and about staying mindful while doing all this. The truth is, the rhythm and the depth of your breath directly affects the state of your mind and the health of your body. According to yoga and ayurveda, breath is a carrier of Prana, the Energy, that gives life to the body. No breath, no life and no energy!

Yogi's Holiday Entertainment Program

Christmas weekend is almost here and many of us will be spending it with family and friends. There will be lots of hugging, exchanging news, eating, drinking, and probably TV watching… All good comforting holiday things… If you are lucky enough to spend more than 2 days with your family, non-stop eating and gossiping schedule can get pretty boring. While ‘non-doing’ is a great yoga concept, doing nothing is just a waste of a precious life time. In case you find yourself frozen in front of a family TV just because you can’t think of anything better to do, here are some ideas for a yoga-style holiday entertainment program (Share the Yoga Wisdom!):