Sugar Damage Control

Our body knows what it needs to feel healthy and strong – we all know it but few of us can follow this innate calling for healthy foods. The reason is not in a weak will power or an abundance of unhealthy foods, it happens just because we forgot to listen to our bodies. As a result our taste buds, bombarded by the years of very intense tastes of refined sugar, can’t taste mild pure sweetness of whole grains. If you were forced to live in a room with loud speakers turned to a max level for years would you be able to hear a whisper? Probably, not…

7 Magic Ayurvedic Spices

Today I would like to talk about spices. These can be used by any constitution type. Spices have a power to bring out the best in every dish, keep your taste buds entertained with new flavors, while making food easier to digest and allowing nutrients to absorb.