4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Balanced During The Fall

Beautiful yellow, orange, and red tree leaves, crisp cool air, an elevated level of creativity and lightness – the Fall brings all of it to life. It was a favorite season for many bright minds known to humanity. Alexander Pushkin sang odes to Autumn – its colors, freshness, and a sweet melancholy of a passing summer. While some might feel the same tender love to this beautiful season others may experience quite the opposite – constantly cold feet and hands, dry skin, chapped lips, racing thoughts, fatigue, and even depression. Add to it constant digestion problems and you get a rather unhappy individual. All these are signs of an aggravated Vata that tends to accumulate in the Fall. However, Vata season doesn’t have to be miserable. Balanced Vata portrays characteristics of an increased creativity, lightness, and enthusiasm. As always in Ayurveda, it is up to you to decide how you want to feel this Fall! Below are some easy tips that you can use throughout day to keep capricious Vata in balance.