Happy Belly

a woman's guide to feeling
vibrant, light & balanced

Nadya Andreeva Happy Belly by Nadya Andreeva

The Happy Belly Guide

A woman’s guide to feeling light, vibrant, and balanced

Reconnect to your body – Say goodbye to bloating – Discover food freedom

Your relationship to your body is the only life-long relationship in your life.

Think about it: you only get one body – no trades or do-overs. It’s the vehicle for your whole existence; as you live, move, work, and play.

But just like all relationships, it can be loving or abusive. Fights and misunderstanding can happen. You may have expectations your body doesn’t deliver on, and (believe it or not) vice versa.

There may be days you feel your body is against you; cramping painfully, puffing out, failing to process healthy foods… and you don’t know why

Sound familiar?

Well beautiful, here’s the truth:

Your body is on your side – always.

But it can only work with what you give it.

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Consider this:

You already know the old adage “You are what you eat,” right? Well, prepare to un-learn it – because you’re much more complicated than that.

You can eat the cleanest, most organic food on earth, and still feel constipated, bloated, and sluggish. (Yep, it happened to me too.)

Why? Because the way your body breaks down food is closely tied to the way you treat yourself. When you’re constantly rushing, binging/under eating, or thinking negatively, your digestive system takes the hit.

From there, the symptoms spread. Your immune system, mood, hormones, skin, body odor, energy levels, and sex drive are all affected. Worst of all, your stomach becomes a focus of anger and self-criticism.

Here’s the good news:

It’s possible to heal your relationship to your body and belly the same way you’d heal a relationship with a person: with love, kindness, and communication.

There’s a holistic solution - and it’ll work for you like nothing has before.

It’s all inside The Happy Belly Guide

This book will equip you with a whole new, real-world approach to eating and living.

It’s not just a set of rules that rely on your willpower. It’s an adventure of experimentation, inspiration, and discovery. You’ll try new things, use easy-to-apply tools, and learn how to read into what’s working for your body.

I’ll teach you the underlying causes of digestive unease beyond food, including factors doctors may not consider – stress, negative thought cycles, destructive emotions, and habits. Then, you’ll learn how to remedy each one with nourishing mindfulness and compassion.

The weight falls off on its own. Your skin glows. Your energy skyrockets. And while you’re belly might still run into the occasional issue, you’ll know how to approach it with benevolence - instead of frustration.

It’s time to give yourself the love you deserve, and finally bring your digestive struggles to an end.

Pick up your copy of the Happy Belly Guide now.

Curious to know more?

Grab the first chapter for FREE below – as my gift to you.

About me:

For many years my digestion and I were out of step.

I would overeat, under eat, and bloat painfully. I tried endless techniques to solve the problem – yoga, restrictive diets, specialists, medications…  But nothing worked.

At a certain point, my frustration turned to anger and hopelessness. Why was a simple physiological function that worked for everyone else giving me so much trouble? Why did foods that were supposed to be good for me making me look five months pregnant?

My issues gradually led to psoriasis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, constipation, and a perpetually bloated stomach…. And I felt more and more like a failure.

The way I saw it, my body and I were at war. I didn’t like it, and it didn’t like me.

I’d had enough, but traditional medicine  hadn’t fixed the problem. I had to find a new way.

Then, after a ton of research and confusion, I discovered Ayurveda… and everything changed.

Ayurveda taught me that our bodies are complex instruments, influenced by a variety of factors (edible and otherwise).

I discovered internal dialogue, mindfulness, and emotions had just an equally powerful effect as food.

Gradually, with a lot of positive psychology work, journaling, and meditation, my relationship with my belly turned from abusive, to a compassionate, loving connection. My digestion regulated, my stomach felt flat and nourished, and I felt confident about my food choices.

And for the first time… I was free.

But it didn’t stop there.

While I was on my journey of discovery, other women heard about what I was doing, and began to approach me for advice.

It amazed me how many of my sisters were combatting the same issue I was. Chronic discomfort, fatigue, and worst of all, frustration. I loved sharing what I knew so much, I realized I wanted to do it on a grander scale.

That’s why I wrote The Happy Belly Guide.

This book is designed as a streamlined version of the journey I took. The only difference is, I already made all the mistakes - so I hope to make your journey less scary and confusing. It’s a holistic approach that has everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t. No gimmicks, no BS - only satisfactory BM.

Helping women across the world uncover the strategies that will change everything about the way they eat and nurture their bodies is my life and heart’s work. There is nothing more amazing to me than seeing a woman’s relief when she finally understands that she is unique, and can find her own approach to living and eating.

Don’t skip out on your personal wellness revolution. A world of delicious possibility and healing love is waiting for you to find it inside the pages of The Happy Belly Guide.

Trust me: this is a ride you’ll be glad you took.

Take the first step by downloading your FREE copy of the first chapter.

Curious to know more?

Grab the first chapter for FREE below – as my gift to you.



About You  (the audience)

This book is for the women who:

  • Want to eat well… but get so overwhelmed by the conflicting info out there, they’re almost ready to give up.
  • Have been on the hunt for what triggers their bloating, irregularity, gas, and cramps for years, but still struggle.
  • Just want to feel to feel sexy and at ease in their bodies, instead of swollen.
  • Have heard about “body wisdom”, but aren’t sure what it means.
  • Get so embarrassingly bloated, they look like they are pregnant - and they hate it.
  • Genuinely fear certain foods, because of the way they make their bellies feel.
  • Dread going out to new restaurants or traveling because they never know what to eat.
  • Are sick of strained bowel movements, and discomfort around the clock.
  • Feel like their obsession with food is negatively affecting their relationships.
  • Have had it with choosing clothes around how it will cover their bloated bellies.
  • Want to heal in a holistic natural way (because they know there’s more than just food in this equation)
  • Are ready to create change but feel pressured by their surrounding to have a ‘normal’ diet and lifestyle
  • Believe their bodies are beautifully unique, and deserve a unique approach.

If any of these strike a chord -

The Happy Belly Guide is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Curious to know more?

Grab the first chapter for FREE below – as my gift to you.


  • Eastern medical traditions place great emphasis on the importance of healthy digestion to overall health and well being. In the modern world, it seems more people than ever are suffering from allergies or intolerance to more and more foods. While there are aisles and piles of digestive aids we can turn to for symptom management, they generally do not address root causes of digestive disorders. Nadya Andreeva helps us explore possible root causes and how to improve our health through improving our 'bellies'.Dr. Claudia Welch, DOM, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Science
  • I could not be more in line with Nadya Andreeva's message in her book, The Happy Belly Guide. Indeed, the state of the gut is the state of the body at large. Excellent digestion is the foundation of vitality and beauty. Whether you want more energy or a flat stomach (or both), The Happy Belly Guide is a must read!Natalia Rose, Certified Nutritionist, author of 8 books including The Raw Food Detox Diet, Raw Food Life Force Energy, Detox 4 Women, Emotional Eating S.O.S.; founder of Detox The World www.detoxtheworld.com
  • Happy Belly will help you to understand the language of your body and help you move towards optimal health. Nadya’s approachable blend of modern research, with healthy food and lifestyle choices, will help any woman create a vibrant, radiant body from the inside out.Mary O’Malley, empowerment coach and author of The Gift of Our Compulsions
  • I suffered from digestive issues for years, and it was only by listening to the language of my own body, as Nadya suggests, that I was able to overcome them. Nadya is the ultimate guide in helping you understand how you may be standing in your own way to optimal digestive health.Isabel Foxen Duke, Emotional Eating Coach, www.isabelfoxenduke.com
  • While food is an important aspect of having a healthy body and a flat stomach, our habits around food and eating play a huge role. Nadya brings a new kind of awareness to the behaviors that can help create an efficient digestion and help our body heal. Happy Belly provides guidance ushering the reader on a path to greater wellness. Nadya’s insights will shine a ray of light to many who are confused with overwhelming information of food.Jovanka Ciares, Author-Speaker-Wellness Expert-Producer
  • I will happily recommend Happy Belly to my clients and students for them to gain an integrated, practical action guide to improve their digestion, absorption and overall health. For anyone interested in the holistic wisdom Ayurveda can offer your gut, let Nadya unpack it for you in her loving, unpretentious manner.Cate Stillman, The founder of Yoga Healer, Ayurveda and yoga teacher. www.yogahealer.com
  • Finally an easy way to keep a healthy diet. Happy Belly is easy to understand and chock full of practical information. A must read for any yogi!Ellen Verbeek, Editor Yoga Journal Russia
  • This thoughtful little book steers us back to the fundamental principle that eating mindfully is every bit as important as eating healthfully.Myra Kornfeld, author of The Healthy Hedonist Holidays; A Year of Multi-Cultural Vegetarian-Friendly Holiday Feasts, The Healthy Hedonist; and The Voluptuous Vegan. Head Chef & Content Manager of MyFoodMyHealth.com. Teacher at The Natural Gourmet School of Health and Culinary Arts and the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.
  • Nadya makes digestive health approachable and simple to understand. Happy Belly will help you to make friends with your body and get it on a completely new level.
    Nitika Chopra, Talk Show Host + Founder of YourBellaLife.com
  • Nadya Andreeva radiates the health and the vibrant beauty every woman wants access to and can now have through her teachings. With a deep understanding of the relationship between body and mind, Happy Belly is a road map to better mind-body relationship, digestion, and self-understanding.Dr. Tracy Thomas, MA, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist and Coach
  • Nadya has successfully used her own story, combined with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, to offer practical solutions to women challenged by digestive issues. Through it's body, mind, and spirit approach, Happy Belly will allow many women to skillfully handle what life asks them to digest.
    Eric Grasser, MD, Cay Integrative Medicine & Ayurveda www.drgrasser.com
  • The first step in healing yourself is healing your gut. Digestion is the cornerstone of health. If you or someone you know wants to achieve optimal health and get a flat stomach, too - this book is a must read.Alexandra Jamieson, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, author of The Great American Detox Diet, Vegan Cooking for Dummies, and Living Vegan for Dummies. www.alexandrajamieson.com