Gain freedom, feel beautiful, and love food again!

Do you want to transform your relationship with food, hunger, and your body?

The Beautiful Plate challenge is not about what you eat, but how you eat. This 7 step ritual has the potential to completely shift your relationship with food: From rushed to more graceful and present, from fear-based to love and gratitude filled, from disconnected to deeply connected. 

Over the week

You will have an opportunity to go through a short practice designed to bring a deeper level of trust between your mind and your body and make eating a joyful experience again!

Each daily practice will be simple yet transformative. Each step will build on top of the previous one. I’ve seen this sequence work wonders for myself and my clients who commit to these simple steps.

The purpose

Break the old pattern of overeating, eating in a rush, not chewing well, and feeling guilty and stuffed after meals. Instead to feel deeply connected to the body, to trust oneself around food, to feel nourished and to glow from the inside out.

In short,

we’re going to celebrate the power of simple intentional rituals. We are going to experience the full potential of food as a vehicle for spiritual growth and nourishment for the
body, mind, and soul!

You are here to break negative patterns around food! Overeating, hiding, eating in a rush without chewing. It is time to let go!

Diets and willpower don’t work long-term.

Creating sacred rituals around your meal times and cultivating more trust in yourself DOES. 

The best part?

In just a few minutes of daily practices your habits around mealtimes can changed forever! All you need to do is to take advantage of my GIFT to you.

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How you eat portrays your

Your self worth
Your self respect
Your self love

Unfortunately, most women lack all 3.

Challenge yourself to change your relationship with food for
7 days and see how it impacts your waist and your mood!

Have you been on a diet

and fallen into a “restrict-overindulge-guilt-restrict” cycle with food?
Perhaps you can identify with some (or all) of these:

You know eating well is necessary for good health (at one point it was even fun!)
but now mealtime feels like a chore.

You love certain foods but they don’t seem to love you back.
On the contrary, you feel almost punished after indulging.

You want to have a carefree, joyful relationship with food
but you find yourself tense and obsessed with what you are going to eat.

You eat mostly healthy but you frequently overeat or you just can’t satisfy the insatiable hunger no matter what you eat.
you feel out of control with food

This negativity affects every area of your life,
especially your happiness and
relationship with your body.

What are you waiting for, beautiful?

why I created this 7 day
challenge for you

For many years I had trouble ‘managing’ my cravings and insatiable hunger that came over me when I was alone or stuck in a stressful situation. I relied on food to make me feel better, happier, and satisfied. I loved the rich tastes of peanut butter, cheese, and chocolate, so I often reached for them when I was hungry, tired, lonely, stressed, bored, or overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

I wanted a beautiful body, a flat (not bloated) stomach, and great energy throughout the day, but instead I overate, felt guilty, and made my dream body an unlikely reality.

Diets and willpower don’t work long-term. I learned it first hand. But taking care of your body DOES! Committing to treating your body with love, being playful, and bringing beauty into your daily routine does wonders for your waist and your mood!

Nadya Andreeva, creator of the Beautiful Plate Challenge

Join me on this adventure and learn how to break FREE!

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What you can
from this

  • Connect with a supportive, fun, judgement-free community of women
  • Feel more satisfied physically and emotionally
  • Learn about your cravings and what you truly need to satisfy them
  • Reduce self-sabotaging behaviors related like overeating and emotional eating
  • Reconnect to the healing potential of food
  • Add more pleasure and beauty in your daily life
  • Create more trust and understanding in your relationship with your body
  • Overcome love-hate, restrict-binge cycles with food
  • Release guilt and shame related to pleasure and eating
  • Practice living in your body, not in your head
  • Learn a 7 step ritual that you can use for all your mealtimes

Love yourself!

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Gain freedom, feel beautiful, and love food again!

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