You Are A Health Expert!

You just don’t know it yet…

Hey yogis and foodies,
Hope you are all doing well and preparing to transition slowly into the fall season. I have a few exciting projects that are coming up that I would like to share with you.

First there are some cool workshop coming up on Grocery Shopping and Mindful Eating! Stay turned for more details!

Second is that this week I started my Wellness Coaching certification that will last until the end of Dec and will provide me with tools to support people (maybe even you, if you would like) to smoothly transition to a healthier lifestyle.

During our first class we were talking about a difference between being an expert and a coach. (There is a huge one by the way!)

An expert is a person who has knowledge on a certain subject and can share the theory and the ‘know how’ for something. For example it can be a trained nutritionist giving a lecture on a balanced diet. The lecture can include do’s and don’t, strategies, and menu samples.

A coach does not tell you what to do, doesn’t talk about the theory of nutrition or share personal workout experiences. A coach is a person who has the skills to support you to come up with a vision for your future and then create steps to achieve it.

Chances are that if you are reading this blog you were interested in health and wellness for a while and know about it a lot more than you think. You know what it takes to be healthy! If you doubt yourself, let’s check major points:

You know enough to be your own health expert if you know that:

– you need to eat lots of vegetables and fruits
– white refined sugar and processed foods are bad
– drinking too much alcohol is bad for you
– eating fatty deep fried foods and heavy desserts is bad for the heart and waist
– you need to get moving a few times a week and get your heart beating
– sleep is important
– many diseases are stress-related and meditation can be a good way to combat stress
– eating to a point of being stuffed is not healthy

You might even know such intricacies as:

– digestion is a corner stone of health and you need to make sure that it functions well
– some people have gluten and dairy allergies and if you are one of them, you need to avoid them
– some foods are highly acidic and can increase inflammation in the body
– food can effect our mood, not just the weight
If you checked most of the points, you know enough to be healthy, you know what to do to be at a healthy weight and basically you don’t have excuses not to be at your peak performance.

Are you there? I certainly still have some way to go!

So what’s the matter? How come we have the knowledge but are not implementing it?

As I learned during this coaching lesson a lot of it has to do with motivation, self-efficacy (believing that you can do it) and clear goals (unless you know where you want to end up, how would you know what steps to take?).

I will be elaborating on this subject more in the coming weeks but for now take a moment to think about what stops you from being where you want to be on a wellness map. Please share your insights in the comment section and sign up on the top right if you want to stay updated on the wellness coaching tips.

Contemplating on my wellness vision,

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