What Your Body and Your Soul Really Need

Let’s spend some time together. In person, in nature.

Connection is an essential human need. We need to feel understood, heard, seen, and accepted by other people.

40dayskristinWhen an authentic deep connection is absent from our life, we subconsciously try to fill the need with other things like food, alcohol, giving up our values, and pretending to be someone that we are not.

Finding connection is not as easy in a modern super busy world. Social media creates just a sad resemblance of the in-person connection. Nothing can really substitute sitting next to someone, getting a hug, sharing a laugh.

Since nobody told us when we were kids that connection and play are so important for our physical and mental health, we tend to push it back on the priority list.

It’s hard to justify connection when there is nothing to show for it. It is not productive. It is not a part of the long to do list.

You are a busy person and connection unless it is business networking or seeing family members is not on top of your list.

I used to think this way, too. Until one weekend when I had a fortune of spending 3 days with the most inspirational women that I shared a lot in common with. We spend 3 days together. Doing yoga, eating, talking, telling stories, asking for advice, giving advice, learning from each other, crying, and laughing. I felt so rejuvenated, inspired, and connected after that weekend that I started actively creating space in my life for more connection.

There is something very special about spending quality time with people who share your interests and passions.

You re-charge energetically and feel great physically. This emotional connection makes you stronger in the face of challenges, the inspiration makes you 10 more productive, and fulfilling the essential need reduces the occurrence of emotional eating.

Basically real human connection is what a holistic coach would prescribe for an overwhelmed overworked confused modern day woman.

To show you my commitment to creating more authentic connection in my life, I will let you on a secret. The date set for the Spinach and Yoga NYC get together, May the 29th will be 2 days away from my book deadline. I know it will be tempting to sit in front of the computer the whole day instead of having fun with the girls. But from the past months of experience I also know that I get a lot more writing done if I feel connected and inspired.

So I encourage you to make time for connection, too! Join me and other NYC women in our fun gathering on May 29th 530-730pm in Madison Square Park. It is FREE.  Prepare to show up in authentic you, open-minded, ready to connect, share, and have fun! Email me at nadyaand @ gmail.com with a subject line “I want detail for Spinach and Yoga get together” and I will email the exact location in the park to you by May 25th.

Supreme Spices For A Smart Busy Cook Connecting in the Most Loving Way 5.29.13 in NYC