The 4-hour VIP Intensive

Your Day To Go Deep and Create a Big Change (You’ve been waiting for it for too long! It’s time!)

A fully customized program in NYC or Miami to address your concerns and desires.

Treat yourself to 4 amazing hours of transformational self-exploration, mindful movement, food, and meditation.  Just you + me in gorgeous Miami or New York City space, uncovering the wellness strategies that are a perfect fit for your unique body.

If you’ve been feeling out of touch with yourself, or know your relationship to food and eating needs a refresher, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for. I’ll teach you the techniques to truly feel your body, so you can tune in and discover what really nourishes you once and for all.

Right now, you may not understand why your digestion or belly reacts the way it does (which can be incredibly confusing and crazy-making.) But with conscious breath and mindful movement, you’ll can get a clear sense of the root causes of your discomfort.

From there, I’ll give you a set of powerful tools to calm your nervous system, so you can help your body relax, digest, and rejuvenate.

What you can expect from the intensive:

  • Customized program to heal your gut and create a balanced relationship with food
  • A new awareness of what is causing many of the challenges in your digestion and weight right now (they may not be what you think!)
  • A renewed sense of energy about turning your relationship with food and your body around
  • A doable customized action plan for moving your health into the next level. It is about time you feel full of light, energy, and balance!

Although each session is fully-customized to suit your specific needs and challenges, here’s a peek at what it typically includes:

  • Yoga-based movement to start the day, to get you in the perfect mindset for your experience with me

  • A 30-minute guided relaxation (which will be recorded and sent to you as an mp3 after our session)

  • Hands-on techniques to help your body feel ‘safe’, aid your digestion, speed up your metabolism, and find more energy to work well from within

  • A brainstorming session to expand your Wellness Vision, so you can identify exactly how you want to feel, why, and how to get there

  • A delicious organic meal fully tailored to you at the end of the day, so you can practice mindful eating with my guidance

  • Food, lifestyle, and daily routine recommendations to help you stay on track long after we part ways

  • Additional resources (eBooks, supplements, video courses, etc.) to speed up your progress, and keep you focused

  • Email support for 2 weeks after our time together, so you can ask me your most important questions, and stay crystal clear about your plan

  • A 30-minute follow up call in the weeks after our session, so we can hone any ideas, and make sure everything’s working well for you.

To sum it up: this is a day that can change your life completely. Don’t let it pass you by.

To schedule your appointment, please email me

Your investment: $750

Or bring a friend, and schedule a two-person session for $1,000

Looking for something more, check out my 3 months program.

Love Notes From Clients Just Like You

“Nadya’s take on food and wellness as well as her coaching style are so unique and special. Particularly in a fast paced city like NYC Nadya’s calmness and deep intuition create a space where I can really listen to my body and explore it in a way that allows me to find out exactly what works for me as an individual. I really feel like I can open up to Nadya and discuss whatever I’m struggling with because I know that her responses and advice are always genuine, sincere, and on point. Doing this work is so instrumental in the way I feel on a daily basis and having Nadya there as a resource, guide, and literally ‘well of inspiration’ has been enormously helpful in my journey to a happy and healthy mind and body! Caroline Zwick

The tips have been really useful and I have been able to get rid of most of my digestion issues. I don’t get bloated or gassy as much, in fact rarely these days with a few simple changes I made. I started having herbal teas (cumin, coriander, fennel, ginger) almost daily, simple food combining and digestion rules and morning pranayama has helped A LOT! AND my cycle is back as well, which was the best thing out of this. I have also reduced some of my belly fat. I feel great, not just physically but there have been psychological changes too.  Lesser mood swings, negative feelings like anger, stress are slowly disappearing. Better motivation to keep myself and my husband healthy and happy :)” Tanvi:

“I have learned so much & I think I have done everything you have suggested to help my digestion along & to bring my Vata back into balance. I have noticed a big change in my bloating, I haven’t had it for a long time now. I have also noticed that this ovulation I did not have ANY bloating or pain associated with it all!

I feel so much better in myself, I have my flat belly back. I loved learning how I can help my body function at its best by nourishing it with the right types of food to aid my digestive system back to normal healthy function. I loved learning how read my tounge & really listening to how my body reacts to certain foods & food combinations.” – Emma Brennan

“Thank you for your incredible organization, inspiration, and shared knowledge. I meant to tell you that I really appreciate the way you facilitated our group’s discussions by meeting everyone at their level of familiarity. Even though you have so much knowledge about nutrition and wellness, you never made anyone feel pressured, intimidated or uninformed.Instead, you opened our eyes to new ideas and inspired us to try the things that were within our comfort range.

I also meant to tell you that since I started working with you, I have been pooping sometimes 2 -3 times per day! I don’t know how I forgot to mention that big improvement when we were talking about the benefits of the program!!!”Amanda

“I’m so sad that the program is ending, but I’ve taken away so much incredible information. I’ve truly enjoyed implementing all of the wellness and meditation concepts into my life — and I’m excited to see where it takes me. You have been such an inspiration! Although I’m still learning, not a day goes by where I don’t think about the concepts in the program– everything from digestion to mindful eating, meditation to positive affirmations. It has all become ingrained in me and I honestly feel like I’m a completely different personthan I was when I started the program. Thank you for everything! ” – Rebecca

Wow. I can’t thank you enough. This in incredible!! Talking with you the other day was so helpful and you guided me to really start listening to myself and my body. I feel that once I spoke with you about it and you explained how much power our minds have over our body, it was almost as if I finally gave myself that permission to fully listen to my body. Talking with you about exercise had such a positive impact as well. I know it’s only been 2 days, but in those two days I didn’t worry about “oh I need to exercise” and I didn’t feel like food was impacting my body negatively…it’s incredibly freeing! I don’t feel as tight and rigid. It was as if I was locked in this obsession with exercise and eating…and now that lock is beginning to come loose and I feel myself being freed from it. Like I said, I know it’s only been a couple days and there will be ups and downs, as there is with any journey, but talking with you about everything had an incredibly empowering effect. I am so grateful to you for that. You have such a sense of peace about you that I immediately felt comfortable and could talk. You explained things so thoroughly as well, but in a very understandable and relatable way.

Thank you so much again for these follow up notes. They, along with our conversation the other day, are invaluable.” Lindsey O’Connor