Video Interview: How To Stay Healthy and Balanced This Fall

While some might feel the same tender love for a beautiful Fall season others may experience quite the opposite – constantly cold feet and hands, dry skin, chapped lips, racing thoughts, fatigue, and even depression. Add to it constant digestion problems and you get a rather unhappy individual. All these are signs of an aggravated Vata that tends to accumulate in the Fall.

However, Vata season doesn’t have to be miserable. Balanced Vata portrays characteristics of an increased creativity, lightness, and enthusiasm. As always in Ayurveda, it is up to you to decide how you want to feel this Fall!

Lisa Munger, a passionate ayurveda practitioner and a talented healer was kind enough to do an interview for Spinach and Yoga. We talk about Ayurvedic tips for Fall, digestion, glowing skin, and much more!

Make a cup of herbal tea, get cozy on your couch and join our conversation!

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