The best of 2013 and what's to come in 2014

Thank you for making 2013 such a wonderful year!

It was a year filled with lots of learning, amazing people, facing fears, and getting clear on my purpose. You played an   IMG_1796 integral role in it!

2014 is going to bring lots of amazing things and experiences into our lives!

This year I am starting with a very clear intention.

My 2014 intention is to bring light into your life, to make you feel supported and safe, to help you create your own rules when it comes to diet and daily routine (thank you Tara Stiles for that), and to help you feel grounded and centered no matter what is happening in your life. Once you have that it place, digestion issues, extra weight, hormonal issues will resolve themselves.

I hope to get to know each one of you better and interact with you more both online and in person. Feel free to send me a note about yourself and how I can help you next year. Even if I so t get back to you personally, I do read every single one of your emails and comments personally.

Here are some of the wonderful events and programs waiting for you in 2014:

  • 10 steps to permanent weight loss free webinar
  • Sacred foods workshop
  • 7 day Miami detox retreat for my Russian audience.
  • 2 Day Urban Retreat in Moscow
  • New website with lots of free resources
  • Happy belly interview series
  • More interviews in Ayurveda for Life series
  • Happy belly cookbook (if you have a favorite easy-to-digest recipe and would like to be featured, send me a message)
  • Happy belly support circle
  • Happy Belly: woman’s guide to feeling vibrant, light, and balanced book. (If you are a blogger and would like a free advanced copy, message me for details)
  • Happy belly online program
  • Maybe even a trip to India in the fall
  • More local get togethers and free webinars

Here are some of your favorite Spinach and Yoga articles of 2013

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In the comments, let me know what are you looking to achieve, feel, do in 2014. I would love to know!

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