The beautiful art of letting go and becoming lighter

We have a hard time letting go of things: pounds and poorly fitting clothes, habits and beliefs, bad relationships and commitments that are draining, things that clutter our space and even bottles and tubes of cosmetics that we don’t use. Sometimes we are aware of the weight that we are carrying and we want to get rid of it. Other times we get so used to live feeling heavy (physically and emotionally) that we forget that there is possibility of feeling light. We hold on to things and that it turn hold us back. Away from being fully ourselves, from making choices based on freedom, from living aligned with our dreams and values, from enjoying our life to the fullest. Being aware of the extra weight and the possibility of feeling lighter is the first step in the art of letting go. I think reflection and meditation are wonderful tools to rely on in that.

But let’s go back to the topic of letting go.

Summer with its intense sun and Pitta energy is the perfect time to let go and shed some stuff that create tension and stress.

Letting go generously, without looking back, without fear, and often abruptly. 
When we started packing, we decided to take only carry ons for 9 months of travel. I thought that was challenging but in a couple of hours my suit case was ready and I have let go of many desires and ideas regarding my wardrobe needs. Suddenly leaving with one pair of high heels seemed quite doable. Our brain tricks us though and mine did a great job convincing me that I needed more that I actually do. Once we got to Spain I quickly realized that my bloated carry on was filled with unnecessary things and my head with fake needs. Over the next 2 weeks I have let go of more clothes and shipped it back home.
Here are a few more things that I let go of and that made me feel lighter:
  • I let go of regular manicures and haven’t had nail polish on my nails for over 6 weeks now and not sure if I’ll ever want to go back to it on a regular basis.
  • I have let go of 10 inches of my hair and along with it hair products that I was carrying. Check out my Instagram to see my short hair!
  • The need to have kale every day – so far I didn’t fall apart. Europeans are not huge into bitter greens. So far Rosemary tea and some herbs are making up for the bitter taste.
  • The habit to order on Amazon everything I read about and think I need. No online orders in almost 2 months. Considering that everything needs to be translated and most stores don’t have 1/100 of the selection of Amazon, I am learning to only buy what’s truly necessary which are very few things.
  • The idea that late dinner is unhealthy – I still think early dinner is much better but Spanish people don’t agree so I had late dinner almost every day for the past 5 weeks. So far, I haven’t gained a pound, my digestion is on track and the only thing that changed is that my breakfast moved to 11 or 12 so I still get 12-14 hours in between dinner and breakfast.
  • The need to buy souvenirs from each place. Our suitcases don’t have the space so that was an easy one.
  • The need to wear make up. Mascara and some powder have become the only go tos.
  • The need to have tasty things if I see others having them. When you go away for a week or two indulgence may go unnoticed for the body (considering that your Agni is strong) but 9 months of indulgence is a no-go. When the entire square in Italy filled with people having gelato, when dinners in Champagne or Burgundy regions almost never go without wine, when every street and corner in Brussels is filled with chocolate and waffle shops, and every Swiss wants to test you to some cheese, I learned to say no and let go of the illusion of desire. Our environment determines our behavior to a large extent, when the environment is not supportive of healthy choices, getting clear on the limits that your body/digestion can withstand and committing to respecting your Agni/digestive fire is crucial. To avoid relying on unreliable willpower, I visualize the ease of saying ‘no’ to things before I open my eyes in the morning. I set myself up for freedom and integrity by having soft boundaries around best and worst for me foods. Making the right choices for you is always a beautiful dance between discipline and tapas and free flow and trust. 

There are still some things I m holding on for dear life:

  • My daily morning yoga practice and meditation. So far I got to practice in chateaus and with beautiful views, in open or cramped places, outside by the pool and inside by the bedside while my husband is sleeping. In any case, wherever we are my yoga is a daily must!
  • 2 meals a day filled with vegetables and lots of fruit!
  • A few essential oils, some Ayurvedic herbs, and mala beads
  • Regular workouts (I use a band or just body weight or go outside)

What are you having a hard time letting go off? Do you think it is based on a real need, true belief, and supportive of your values?

Claim your freedom and be strong enough to let go!

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