My Step by Step Morning Routine (Refined and Validated Over 18 years)

Many of you have asked me how I am staying in shape, keeping my digestion regular and overall maintaining balance while traveling for 9 months. Among many things that I do, a regular morning routine is at the core of my self-care. I use morning to set the tone for the day, optimize digestion and elimination pathways, move my body, and calm the mind. I get all of this done in two hours 6-8am or lately 530-730am.

Learning to Let Go and Finding the Inner Child

Today is the last round of posts on India trip 2012. I shared my 6 Life-Changing Lessons from India a couple of weeks ago and then Irina, Gillian, Natalya, Tanya wrote about their incredible experiences yesterday. Today Katerina contemplates on her lessons learned from our unforgettable adventure. Smiles and Letting Go big time!

6 Life-Changing Lessons Directly From the Wisdom Source in India

While reading through memoirs can be fun, I always want to make sure that you get out something useful from your time spent on this blog. When you set a clear intention, the answer emerges. Waiting on inspiration to write up the India report 2012 paid off, in my opinion, but I will let you be the judge of it. There will be two parts of the Ashram Wisdom Lessons: one today and the 2nd one next Tue. Don’t forget to sign up for the email updates on the right side bar to make sure you don’t miss the 2nd part. Let me know if you found this post interesting in the comments. I would love to reconnect and chat with you now that I am back!

One Tip To Change Your Life

It usually takes something unusual, powerful, and new to shift our perspective, to take us to a new level of understanding, and to transform our lives.

Trip to India: March 2012

If ever since your first downward dog you’ve been curious about the place where yoga was born or if you’ve simply been waiting for an opportunity to take a dream vacation to another part of the world, this adventure is for you!!! You will deepen your yoga practice with alignment-based daily yoga classes and touring the most popular pilgrimage spots in the North of India.

India - One Of A Kind

8 years ago, I traveled to India from Russia. Landing in Delhi late at night, my dad and I were devoured by a group of airport taxi drivers, fighting to get out attention, grabbing us by our hands.

2 Spots Left For The Trip Of a Lifetime To India

8 lucky yogis are already packing their bags to travel to India on March 22nd and we are looking for 2 more fun-loving yogis! I’ve been to India twice before and every time it was a very profound experience. It shifted my perception of the world not only yoga! Is it scary to go to an unknown part of the world that is famous for giving tourists stomach problems and where poverty can be eye burning? Well, inversions are scary in the beginning, too! But once you get the courage to jump into a handstand it often becomes a favorite asana that you can’t get enough of. The same thing happens in India. First 3 days will be full of awe and excitement that grow into a deep cultural interest, respect, and love. That’s why I keep coming back and that’s why I would like you to come experience it for yourself.