Pumpkin Chia Pudding

I rarely follow any recipes, my creative side constantly wants to create something new and experiment. If something doesn’t come out, it’s a lesson for the future. If something turns out amazing, I make a big batch to share with my clients and friends. Last week I treated everyone at my workshop for Crock Pot Pumpkin Rice Pudding:) It was a hit!

Kitchen Evolution Report

Kitchen Evolution workshop was a great success! We had an amazing group of health-loving explorers from all paths of life: a Chinese herbalist, a fashion photographer, a future Buddhist professor, a talented journalist, a modern dancer, a spa owner, a clothing designer – all united with a passion for wellness.

Curried Kale with Sweet Peas

There are tons of variations of kale and beans online but I couldn’t find anything with peas so imagination in check I started to experiment. I was going for a curry richness, that would complement the sweetness of young peas and soften sometimes chewy kale. The result was way beyond my expectations – a perfect summer dish: light and nourishing!