Yogis Unite! Wondering how you’re going to stay sane and healthy amid the holiday
mayhem? Join us for HOLIDAYASANA, a one month healthy living challenge bringing together 14 of New York‘s top yoga studios. The challenge starts December 1st, but you can sign up now at The mission: Practice yoga 20 times; eat 25 very healthy meals; volunteer 60 minutes for someone in need; and avoid using ANY disposable plastic bags. That’s right: It’s about living healthy and green, and giving a little back. We’ll track our progress online, and hold each other accountable. Together we can bring a bit of good yoga love to the city! Join us!

Delivering Happiness IV - Find Your Strengths and Stick to Them

All yogis are not created equal or to be more exact – we all have different talents and strengths. If you are good at teaching restorative classes and making people feel relaxed but find teaching advanced arm balancing filled classes agitating, don’t force yourself. With time, your students will have certain expectations of how they want to feel after your class if you change it every time in a very drastic way they might not be very happy. Some teachers are really good at pushing students’ limits and challenging them, while others have a gift to create serene environment with their voice and flow that will relax the most tense hedge fund guy out there. A few teachers can even artfully interlace philosophical wisdom into their classes without making it corny.