One Tip To Change Your Life

It usually takes something unusual, powerful, and new to shift our perspective, to take us to a new level of understanding, and to transform our lives.

Dairy Controversy Resolved the Ayurvedic Way

Once considered the perfect food in many traditions, milk was recommended for children, the sick, and those looking for enlightenment. Ayurvedic and ancient yoga scriptures include milk as a staple in a sattvic, energy-giving, diet. Milk is said to nourish all body tissues, to calm the mind, and improve sleep.

Happiness Revealed Through the Words of a Wise Man

Did you know that 80% of information we receive about our environment comes through our eyes?! Our life is so rushed that we often hurry passed the simple beautiful things. Stopping, taking a moment in, being mindful is not always easy. Sometimes we need an inspiration to remember that the world we live in is incredibly beautiful and full of things to be grateful for. Experiencing gratitude brings true happiness.

The Best Of Spinach and Yoga 2011

There is only one day left to savor 2011. It was an amazing year filled with insightful learning experiences, new friendships, fun projects (my Lifethyme workshops and tours to India), moments of authentic human connection, and great achievements (completed a 9 month anatomy program and wellness coaching certification! yay me!). I feel more connected to my body and my inner world than ever.

Life-changing Health Lessons from Hippocrates

Christmas and Hannukah have passed but the holiday season is still not over. We are about to festively salute 2011 and welcome 2012. The beginning of a new year for many signifies the beginning of a new phase full of enthusiasm, goals, and resolutions. Before you settle on the list of your resolutions, I want to share a few more lessons (and some pictures) from the Hippocrates Institute program. Most of these you might be familiar with but some might be new. All of them are powerful health boosters and help to restore innate health and energy. It might be good to review these simple health bits before the New Year resolutions are to be made (if you make them). Maybe you can add a couple of things from this list to yours. Let me know which one you pick and why. I would love to know.

11 Must-Know Tips For Maintaining a Strong Immune System

Many people get sick after being at the airports and taking long flights. Traveling can be a real challenge to our immune system: stress, breaking the routine, not-so-great food, exposure to sick people, environmental toxins, and a ton of bacteria circling through the A/C. Jet lag and heavy holiday dinners can make the matters even worse.

Chipotle Sweet Potato Chips

This is the time of year when people want to share joy and love. Often sharing food is one of the favorite ways.

After-Thanksgiving Detox

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are all enjoy this wonderful holiday! Whatever you choose to list in your grace be honest and let it come from the heart. Feel the grace, don’t just say it.

Kind Curried Cauliflower Soup

Recently, many of my friends were complaining of increased bloating and digestive un-ease. Not a pleasant feeling but quite expected during the cold windy Fall! While there are some effective bloating-busting tricks, food is one of the main ones. During the times when your belly feels overtaxed and not happy, one of the ways to help it heal is to be kind to it. Easy-to digest food made with foods that combine well together and spiced with digestion stimulating spices is the best way to go!