How SMART Are Your Wellness Goals?

Wellness goals are what helps you to get from the present state to your ideal wellness state. Goals rarely fail because of a lack of commitment or enthusiasm. They die for lack of a compelling vision with a plan designed to achieve it. With a vision, you imagine an outcome that you then make come to life through the goals you set. A goal that is not tied to some kind of vision will often just “float out there” with a vague sense of importance. To create a clear picture of your ideal self do an exercise described below and think about the following questions (these apply only to the body, which is an important piece of wellness but not the only one!):

5 Holiday Stress Busters

Is holiday shopping and party planning wearing you down? Holiday stress can get even to “yoga people”! Whether you’re worrying about scheduling in-laws dinner, pre-holiday work deadlines, traffic jams, or getting everyone suitable presents, stress takes it toll on your body and mind. Modern scientists agree that stress can trigger anything from allergies and asthma to headaches and indigestion. If experienced over a prolonged time, stress can lead to heart problems, ulcers, and nervous breakdowns. According to ayurvedic expert Vasant Lad, stress and anxiety appear “primarily due to an aggravation of the vata dosha. So to heal anxiety, we have to balance vata.”