Living a Dream

Even though 40 Day Journey to Bliss program finished a few weeks ago, most women are still keeping in touch with me and share there success stories and transformations. These stories are truly inspiring!

It’s Never Too Late: Getting Fit at Sixty

Do you ever feel like it is too late to change things? That change is for young and strong, and that you deserve to be stuck in a rut? We all go through dark moments when life is just not bright enough. At times like this, nothing creates more spark than an inspirational story. Here is your inspiration cure!

Happiness Revealed Through the Words of a Wise Man

Did you know that 80% of information we receive about our environment comes through our eyes?! Our life is so rushed that we often hurry passed the simple beautiful things. Stopping, taking a moment in, being mindful is not always easy. Sometimes we need an inspiration to remember that the world we live in is incredibly beautiful and full of things to be grateful for. Experiencing gratitude brings true happiness.

The Best Of Spinach and Yoga 2011

There is only one day left to savor 2011. It was an amazing year filled with insightful learning experiences, new friendships, fun projects (my Lifethyme workshops and tours to India), moments of authentic human connection, and great achievements (completed a 9 month anatomy program and wellness coaching certification! yay me!). I feel more connected to my body and my inner world than ever.