How You Can Eat Halloween Treats Without Feeling Guilty and Fat

Cacao, spiced apple cider, and pumpkin spice lattes… Mmm… Halloween week (yes, this year it is actually seems to be a week-long celebration!) is here along with its colorful multitude of sugary treats and fall-inspired drinks. While ghouls and goblins might be scared away by half-naked girls running around the Halloween party circuit here in New York City, us yogis and health warriors are probably scared of falling out of sync with our wellness routines — which is, unfortunately, often a consequence of the upcoming holidays.

6 Tips For Truly Fun & Joyful Holiday Dinners and Parties

Between now and the New Year’s eve it is very likely that you will be going to a party, family dinner or hosting a celebration event at your home. Events and parties are supposed to be fun but more often than not they end up stressing everyone out.  The host is stressing over preparing food, entertainment, and setting everything up. Guests stress over getting perfect gifts for the host, looking their best, getting to the party on time, and getting along with other guests. Plus most people stress over not looking their best, choosing the perfect outfit, and not over-indulging at the dinner table.

How To Avoid Unhealthy Peer Pressure At a Group Dinner Table

With Thanksgiving coming, many of us, healthful mindful wellness folks, are going to spend time with family and friends. Often our friends and family might be less healthy in their routines and especially food. Once you know how feeling healthy, light, and easy in your body feels, it is not easy to go back to feeling heavy, sluggish, and bloated.

Happy and Slim Holidays Workshop

Fall is officially here and holiday season is right around the corner. Halloween with its tiny sexy costumes will be followed by Thanksgiving dinners, corporate parties, Christmas, and New Years celebrations.


Yogis Unite! Wondering how you’re going to stay sane and healthy amid the holiday
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