Chocolate Acai Sauce With Hemp Seeds

About 2 weeks ago my friend Katerina who wrote about ‘Learning to Let Go‘ in a yesterday’s post and I decided to try to refuse sugar for a while. Everything that contained white sugar or other forms of concentrated sugar including agave and all kinds of syrups had to go. I kept fruit and stevia. Since sweet things is my weak spot, no raw desserts, no raw chocolate or macaroons was tough!!! But wherever there is a will, there is a way! After a week cravings subsided and taste buds became a lot more sensitive. Things that seemed pleasantly sweet before now seem too sweet. Green Giant smoothie from The Juice Press that has spinach, kale, coconut meat and water, spirulina, apple, lemon, cayenne and 1 date tasted too sweet to drink when I got it yesterday. I couldn’t believe my tongue!