5 Stages Of Changing Unhealthy Behaviors That Keep You Unhappy In Your Body

Bingeing, overeating, eating too much bread and pasta, not exercising, drinking, smoking, engaging in self-hate rants… Whatever it is for you, once we identify the behavior we want to change, we aim to go from 0 to 100 in one day. From bingeing every night to never doing it again. From not exercising, to exercising for an hour 5 times a week. From not eating veggie to eating only veggies. From overeating to eating perfect portions all the time. You get the picture. We aim for a 180 turn right away. This approach while works for some sets many for a failure and disappointment.

3 Steps To The Body Of Your Dreams

You know all the theory when it comes to eating right. You know that you need to eat greens and cut down on sugar. You know that bread and chips are not healthy. You are fully aware that cookies are not particularly nutritious…

Should You Listen To Your Cravings?

A lot of people think that if they really start listening to their body and doing what it asks, they would sit on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and chips. We think that our body is lazy, fat slob who doesn’t want to do anything but eat sweets.

The Most Effective Medicine For Overeating and Bad Mood

A couple of weeks ago I got a very special gift from Lissa Rankin – her new book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Your Body. This book is a must read for anyone struggling with chronic illness, facing a life-threatening disease, or interested in preventative self-care (Radical Self-Care as Lissa calls it). I will share my review of the book next week but you can pre-order your copy here.

My Key Principles Of A Healthy Diet That Works

In the last few days of writing my book, I felt very stuck. I felt so torn between contradicting research on nutrition, my personal experiences, stories that I hear from my clients, parents who are doctors, and my friends…. It seemed that there is no agreement, no final TRUTH when it comes to what our bodies thrive on both physically and spiritually.

One Thing That You Must Learn To Find An Ideal Diet

I often get emails and personal questions about diets and nutrition. ‘Is vegan better than paleo, is raw a pre-requisite to healing, is meat really bad?’ The variations of these questions are endless but at the end it all comes down to one:

A Simple Answer To Most Digestive Problems

For a long time I have been noticing that not everything that I eat makes me feel equally well. The more I pay attention to my stomach before and after food, the more information my body provides. While I am still learning to decipher my body’s feedback, one finding keeps emerging more often than others: THE SIMPLER THE DISH, THE LESS ENERGY IT REQUIRES TO DIGEST. Which means, I have more energy left to do other things like write, think, teach, do yoga, and just enjoy my life.