Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level Of Evolution

Join an ayurveda enthusiast and a wellness consultant, Nadya Andreeva and a devoted health explorer and a General Manager of Lifethyme Natural Market, Jason Bander as we explore the fundamentals of shopping strategically for your unique health needs, avoiding marketing traps, deciphering food labels, and staying on a budget!

Can You Buy Health?

Staying healthy, losing weight, speeding up a recovery process starts with selecting the healthiest and the most nutritious foods at the grocery store! It is easy to eat well when your kitchen is stocked up with easy-to-prepare delicious ingredients.

Kitchen Evolution Report

Kitchen Evolution workshop was a great success! We had an amazing group of health-loving explorers from all paths of life: a Chinese herbalist, a fashion photographer, a future Buddhist professor, a talented journalist, a modern dancer, a spa owner, a clothing designer – all united with a passion for wellness.