Change Your Life With Positive Affirmations

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away… In the last 6 years I grew to love this wonderful holiday for the way it makes me feel. I don’t mean the holiday rush and the traveling anxieties but rather the way listing things that I am grateful for brings in a rush of enthusiasm and unbound energy. It is a day that officially encourages us to bring attention to things that are going well, to things that we love and appreciate. Thanksgiving is like a major self-counseling session that encourages us to shift out of a problem-solving negative-focused approach to life and focus on the positive.

Ayurvedic Take on Juice Cleanse

Does cleansing from long-stored toxins and regaining child like energy sound appealing to you? Did you hear amazing reviews from friends and strangers about the miracle powers of a week-long juice cleanse? Are you considering investing in one sometime soon?


We’ve all heard about ways to combat food cravings: get busy to distract yourself, go for a walk, write it in a food journal, remove all tempting food from your fridge/cupboard, just will your way through it. It is all valid advice but may not address the root cause – the actual reason for your food cravings. To prevent cravings or at least significantly minimize them, Ayurveda has some interesting advice. And trust me it works!