Sample Daily Lifestyle Analysis And What It Means For Different Mind/Body Types

Over the past year I have been diving deeper in studying ayurveda and doing a mentorship program in Clinical Nutrition with Liz Lipski. Both programs have been so extensive and time-consuming that I haven’t really shared much of what I have been learning with you. Lots of things learned and lots more to learn. So much that I don’t even know what to start with…

What Cleanse is Best for your Body-Mind Type?

Cleanses are so HOT these days, they’re like a bikram yoga class in the summer. But just like not every yoga class is for every body, not every cleanse is going to benefit every body in the most optimal way. So before diving into the vast juicer-kale-mung bean laden world of cleansing, take a moment and use this guide below so you hit the Ojas-full feelings of detoxification & rejuvenation just right, and skip the fatigue/wrinkles/depression of depletion cleansing.

A Baked Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I have nothing against raw apples but with the onset of Fall and Vata dosha taking the reigns, soft and easy to digest fruits will have a more nourishing and soothing effect on the stomach.

Sleepy Kapha Monster

Chilly days, recurrent snow storms and gray sky are predecessors of a looming Kapha season. Changes in the nature always lead to the changes in our bodies. Heavy, wet, and cold by its nature Kapha reigns our world from late January to the end of April. It influences everything in our daily existence from energy levels to sleep quality, from body weight to mood. When balanced Kapha creates a sense of security, stability, and internal peace. It makes you feel as if you were under a warm soft blanket with a cup of cocoa even during the most challenging times. It improves your intuition and encourages compassion. But not everything is perfect about Kapha. Once you step off the thin edge of a balanced healthy Kapha, you end up in a depressed moody tired state. Life looses its bright colors, early morning doesn’t inspire you, and a chronic cold seems to follow. Physically, Kapha can show up as frequent colds, allergies, and weight gain. With increased kapha there is a tendency for toxins to gather and be held onto in our tissues.

Ayurvedic Guide to Fall Farmer's Market

A new article at Mind Body Green – a great resource for anyone trying to lead a healthy life style! Learn how to navigate Fall Farmer’s Market to keep Vata dosha balanced throughout Fall and Winter. If you want to learn more about Ayurveda and hang out with cool yoga peeps, sign up for the upcoming Ayurvedic Farmer’s Market tour and Brunch.