My Personal Detox Diary

It’s been 5 days since I got back from my Panchakarma retreat at the Ayurvedic Institute in NM. Panchakarma is a traditional ayurvedic detoxification program. It includes a specific diet, treatments, and an herb regimen.The goal is to help the body get rid of the waste and come back into balance.

Read This Before You Try To Lose Weight

My interview with Sarah Jenks

Fall is finally here and I just can’t wait to pull out my sweaters and leather boots.  What I love most about Fall is that it feels like the real start of the year, and a great time to make some resolutions.  Resolutions.  Just mentioning the word gives me a little anxiety.  Feelings of pressure to lose weight, guilt over what we’ve eaten or how we’ve let ourselves go over the summer can seriously raise our blood pressure.

3 Steps To The Body Of Your Dreams

You know all the theory when it comes to eating right. You know that you need to eat greens and cut down on sugar. You know that bread and chips are not healthy. You are fully aware that cookies are not particularly nutritious…

bloated stomach

Bloating: 3 Simple and Effective Ways To Prevent It

If you have other tips that you use to keep your belly happy and flat, please share them in the comments! Everyone’s body is different, so your tips might really help another person out. Don’t hold back! Sharing is caring!

What Cleanse is Best for your Body-Mind Type?

Cleanses are so HOT these days, they’re like a bikram yoga class in the summer. But just like not every yoga class is for every body, not every cleanse is going to benefit every body in the most optimal way. So before diving into the vast juicer-kale-mung bean laden world of cleansing, take a moment and use this guide below so you hit the Ojas-full feelings of detoxification & rejuvenation just right, and skip the fatigue/wrinkles/depression of depletion cleansing.

Chocolate Acai Sauce With Hemp Seeds

About 2 weeks ago my friend Katerina who wrote about ‘Learning to Let Go‘ in a yesterday’s post and I decided to try to refuse sugar for a while. Everything that contained white sugar or other forms of concentrated sugar including agave and all kinds of syrups had to go. I kept fruit and stevia. Since sweet things is my weak spot, no raw desserts, no raw chocolate or macaroons was tough!!! But wherever there is a will, there is a way! After a week cravings subsided and taste buds became a lot more sensitive. Things that seemed pleasantly sweet before now seem too sweet. Green Giant smoothie from The Juice Press that has spinach, kale, coconut meat and water, spirulina, apple, lemon, cayenne and 1 date tasted too sweet to drink when I got it yesterday. I couldn’t believe my tongue!