How to Find Food Freedom

What percentage of your day do you spend thinking about food: what to eat, whether it is good or bad for you, feeling guilty about breaking the rules, considering a diet, reading about new approaches to diets….?

Food Rules, Restrictions, And Side Effects

What do you think would happen if you gave up your rules around food? What if you ate what you wanted, when you wanted, as much as you wanted and exercised also only when you felt like it? Do you think you would turn into a fat immobile pumpkin? Would you be brave enough to ever see what would actually happen?

Healing Your Relationship With Food

Many women come to work with me around their issues with food: emotional eating; binge eating that leads to fatigue, digestive problems, and weight gain; avoiding certain foods because they don’t trust themselves with it; fear of food or addiction to food.

The Most Effective Medicine For Overeating and Bad Mood

A couple of weeks ago I got a very special gift from Lissa Rankin – her new book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Your Body. This book is a must read for anyone struggling with chronic illness, facing a life-threatening disease, or interested in preventative self-care (Radical Self-Care as Lissa calls it). I will share my review of the book next week but you can pre-order your copy here.

Slow Eating, Slow Yoga, Slow Sex

I have been noticing the concept of “Slowing Down” all over the place. A student of mine asked specifically to focus on pace and flow during our last class because he wanted to learn how to move like a dancer. Slow food movement is gaining momentum. More folks are exploring the sexual aspects of slowing down with Mindful Sexuality and Orgasmic Meditation. As a foodie and someone who feels best when I listen to my body, I know that slowing down is necessary to engage all the senses and to be fully present. Slowing down when it comes to food is crucial if you want to want to learn how to listen and decipher your body’s cues.

Lessons From Chocolate

I started writing this post at 10,000 feet in the air, on the way to see my family in Russia. I felt like sharing a very interesting learning experience that happened just before I got on the plane.