How Do You Like Your Vinyasas?

I love the creativity and heat of fast pace flowing yoga classes but I feel more centered in a slow-paced anatomy and mindfulness focused ones. My home practice is also more slow-paced and sometimes even restorative. I don’t think that one is better than another but they are definitely different and serve different purposes.

Cool Down With Yoga

When overheated, we tend to become more competitive, self-critical, and agitated. Ayurveda offers advice on the ways to adapt yoga practice in the summer to alleviate this imbalance by adding Pitta balancing asanas.  These asanas prevent those symptoms I mentioned, as well as hyperacidity, heart burn, skin rashes, and digestion issues.

5 Ways to Take Your Yoga Practice to The Next Level

Yoga is a powerful instrument that can bring health, energy, and peace to anyone willing to devote time to a regular yoga practice. Yoga revives your muscles and opens joints, it makes you comfortable in your own body and with time encompasses all aspects of a human life. With a regular yoga practice you sleep better, wake up more rested, have more energy throughout the day, your mind becomes clear and more focused. Suddenly things that created chaos out of your life seem just another interesting challenge. Life in general becomes a lot more colorful.