Super Food For Modern City Dwellers

Spring is finally here: flowers are blooming allover NYC and new life is sprouting

Wet Seedling --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

everywhere! Spring is a perfect time to move to a lighter diet of fresh herbs, greens, and sprouts. Since my trip to India, sprouts became my favorite go-to snack and sometimes breakfast. Everything sprouted is super healthy besides being super delicious. Sprouted beans and seeds are one of the most enzyme-rich and nutritious foods known. (source) Eating sprouts in the Spring is a perfect way to replenish vitamins and minerals that got depleted over the Winter time.

Just imagine all bright vital nutrients and micro elements bursting into your system as soon as you start chewing sprouts. Immediately your energy levels go up, your muscles become stronger, and your brain works better! Sprouts high!!!

It is really easy to include sprouts in your diet without starting a home garden. Several health-conscious food companies ( Organic Sprouted Flour, Shiloh Farms, Foor For Life, and Shasha&Co) did all the work for you. Their sprouted products are available online or at major health stores.

Sprouts are absolutely lovely raw and just as good cooked into a soup or a stew. Start by substituting sprouted grains and beans for the regular ones. For example try a sprouted bean soup or this yummy lentil curry. You can even have sprouts with chocolate. Sprout People shared this amazing idea for an almond/chocolate torte .

Here are more delicious recipes:
Sprouted Green Gram and Vegetables
Spicy Mung bean salad
Simple Mung Bean sprout patties
Basil Mung Bean Salad
Lots of recipes for sprouted lentils, rice, and beans at Shasha & Co website.
If you feel adventurous and want to start a small home garden, here is an excellent sprouting guide, with what temp water to use, how long to soak and how long to sprout.

Please let me know in the comments section if you try any of the recipes and how you like them!

Sprout to Life this Spring!

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