Silly and Ineffective Ways to Lose Weight! Make Sure You Don't Do This!

I usually try to avoid a topic of weight loss on my blog because I full-heatedly believe that weight loss is a side effect of kind and intelligent choices that we make in relationship to one self. Once you are in full integrity with your values and your desires, weight will slide off of you because you won’t need hiding anymore. Your behaviors will support a healthy weight, not force it.

However, I know that many of you still have weight loss as a goal. It is important for you and you are striving to achieve it no matter what.

Since my intention for 2014 was to help you and support you as much as I can, I am inviting you to join 4 Ayurvedic experts and myself for a panel on weight management.

It has never been done before. 4 Ayurvedic experts live and ready to consult you on the topic that needs clarification. Don’t miss it! Join us!

There are many ways to lose weight. Some of them are painful and restriction based, some of them are very intelligent and some are pure BS, some have the power to bring you closer to you and help you understand your body. This is exactly our goal.

With support from Banyan Botanicals and 4 ayurvedic experts will answer the following questions live:

  • Ayurvedic perspective on weight management?
  • Why don’t the common weight loss methods work? What are the key factors to lasting weight management?
  • How does diet support the detoxification process in the body?
  • How and which can herbs and spices help our body detoxify?
  • What is the best exercise according to Ayurveda?
  • What foods should I be eating and avoiding?
  • Tips for Stress Management to help maintain a healthy weight.

Make sure to pre-register to be entered in a drawing of $100 worth of weight loss products from Banyan Botanicals!

For now here is a list of things not to do if weight loss is your goal:

1. Binge and restrict. Juicing for a day than eating bagels, cookies and nuts. Skipping breakfast, having tiny lunch and an enormous dinner are all very mean ways to treat your body. It is abusive and disrespectful. Your body will pay you back with up and down energy, blood sugar imbalances, stubborn weight, and mood swings.

2. Wear tight or unflattering clothes: a tight skirt or a dress that doesn’t let you breathe or some baggy unflattering sweater is a testament of disrespect and in some cases even self hate. Dress the way you want to look and feel. If you want to feel light and graceful, dress in the clothes that make you feel that way.

3. Over-exercise: more is better, right? If 30 mins of vigorous exercise is good than doing a spin class and then a bootcamp and yoga in one Saturday is even better. Wrong! Over-exercise can stress your body, mess with your hormones, get your cravings through the roof, and deplete your energy. You should feel energized not drained after exercise.

tired dog

4. Go hungry – starving is a sure way to overeat later. It also starts a cycle of stress and adrenal fatigue. You should not eat when not hungry but don’t bring yourself to the point of starvation. Ignoring your body’s cues when it comes to hunger level will make you more disconnected from your body. I often work with women who are so disconnected from their body that they can’t even tell whether they are hungry or not. If you choose to do a juice fast or a water fast, do it with compassion and respect to your body, not as a way to restrict and punish yourself.

5. Weigh yourself every day. Letting a piece of metal determine how you will feel the whole day is just not right. Track how you feel, track your new behaviors such as taking 5 breaths before a meal, track the way your pants fit. If you like numbers weigh yourself once a week and don’t attach any emotions to the number. Whether the number is what you want or not, be kind to yourself
6. Go on a plan for a week and then go back to old ways: eat vegan for a week and then go back to burgers, have salads and soups for a few days and then back to daily pasta, go sugar free for a week and then back to desserts after every meal are not sustainable ways to lose  weight. Sustainable weightloss is about having a healthy relationship with food, respecting your body, and having a clear vision that drives you days in day out.
7. Eat fat-free chemical loaded foods. Our brain, nervous system, digestive system, skin need healthy fats. But we can all do quite well with less sugar. Think how rare and precious sweet taste was for our ancestors. It was a hard to get treat. Take honey. How often do you think one would find it in the forest and how would you get it from the angry bees? Take fruit. How often did your grandparents have berries in the middle of the winter? Take raw cakes and vegan superfood cookies. Try to imagine how many years it would take you to get all those ingredients in one batch and how long you would need to spend shelling all the nuts? And by the way if you caught a prey you would probably eat all parts and internal organs, not just fat free chicken. Time travel at least 100 years back (use imagination!) and compare your food habits to the way things were.

cat_eating_cakeLoosing weight doesn’t have to be an angry struggle with yourself. Let’s do it together, step by step using the wisdom that has been around for hundreds of years! Join me for An Ayurvedic Approach to Weight-Management – FREE webinar hosted by Banyan Botanicals and me:)

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