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Welcome to the first edition of I&I!

Here I will share everything that attracted my attention this week: from tasty and healthy recipes, to insightful articles and lectures, from ayurvedic Spring tips to really fun total body workouts.

Please share what inspired or interested you this week, too!


1. Claire from Holistic and Wellness Project did a feature on me this week. I share some of my tips for healthy and balanced living in a busy city here.

2. How your Ayurvedic dosha affects the way you work and what projects you like the most.

Abstract: Vata people lack consistency for long and can change their views frequently. The real performance from this group can be seen during short term and high expectation projects. Thus their high energy levels can be used positively. A Vata individual needs to take frequent breaks compared to others.

A Pitta person will be generally intelligent, focused, full of energy and passionate about his interests. But simultaneously, an imbalanced Pitta represents lots of anger, agitation, violence and indiscriminate judgments. These are people with high determination.

Unbalanced Kapha individuals tend to be slow, lethargic and stubborn. But a balanced and happy Kapha person makes the best boss and manager. A Kapha individual is balanced at work, grounded and a cautious decision maker.

3. You can be Overfed and Undernourished! Find out how this is possible here


1. Getting Bikini ready with this 20 Minutes Abs and Legs Workout with Amanda Russel  and this Bootcamp workout from Caseey Ho at Pop Pilates. She is so much fun!

2. Or chillout with this breath awareness meditation :). Better do both!


Lot’s of tasty things to try this weekend!

1. Spinach Cake from Elana’s Pantry. Gotta love the greens! Looks like a perfect breakfast!

2. BBQ Hummus from creative Rande behind Vegetable Centric Kitchen. Summer flavor!

3. Ayurvedic Kale Lemonade with Ginger and Apple. John from Joyful Belly is amazing when it comes to balanced dosha specific recipes!

4. Not in the mood for Lemonade and would rather load up on probiotics? Check out this simple recipe for Almond Milk Kefir from Linda Wagner.

5. Can’t go without a tasty and healthy dessert! Paleo Coconut Macaroons or for vegans Cinnamon Spiced Sweet Kidney Bean Spread.


After a good workout, a healthy meal, you can relax on a couch and watch something educational. Check out this CBS news video about the dangers of sugar and John Douillard’s short video about ayurvedic view on ‘5 small meals a day’ eating pattern. Is it really that healthy? In John’s opinion it can lead to Diabetes!

Happy weekend!

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