Practice Of Inner Smile

One Of My Favorite Practices

Every time I spent time at home I remember more things about my childhood. It feels like they just float up in my memory. It is always so fun to observe:)

This time when I visited my family in Russia I remembered an interesting practice that my dad taught me when I was a kid. It is a practice of internal smile.

bodylove1I believe that each one of us has a relationship with the body and with each one of our organs. Unfortunately, these relationships come into our awareness usually in a negative way. If something hurts or bothers us, we start getting angry and upset at it. If the stomach hurts, we think ‘What now?’ If the head hurts ‘why does my body bring me so much pain and discomfort?!’ If your body is tired, you internal dialogue might be ‘why am I tired? Why can’t I have more energy? I don’t like my body!’

And so if goes. In women that I work with there is often a lot more negativity in the internal relationships than they are aware of.

As any relationship, your relationship with your body and each bodily organ needs to be based on love, understanding and compassion not incessant use, periodic abuse, and one-sided communication.

One if the easiest and pleasant ways to change the relationship is to create a positive communication. Here where the practice of internal smile comes in.

The practice is very simple:

Close your eyes and mentally imagine your body and each organ/part of the body. You can start from your toes and slide your attention all the way up to the brain. Pay particular attention to those organs/body part that you have a negative relationship with. When you imagine each organ, smile to it internally and if you feel like saying something to it, do so. It can be a simple ‘may you be well‘ or ‘I love you‘ or ‘thank you for keeping me alive and thriving

Do this practice every day while you are still in bed in the morning or when you enjoy your morning cup of tea. Say hello to your body as you would to your partner. With love, a happy smile, and gratitude that they are there for you:)


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