Personal Story

I’ll be honest: I didn’t start writing and researching natural ways to heal digestion because I had plans to change the world.

All I wanted to do was change the way I felt.

For many years, my digestion and I were out of step.

I would overeat, under eat, and bloat painfully. My family and I tried everything to solve the problem – starting a yoga practice at age of 12, cutting out certain foods, trying a long line up of specialists and medications.

Nothing worked. And as time went on, my frustration turned to anger and hopelessness.

nadya andreevaIn my mind, my body and I were at war.  I didn’t like it, and it didn’t like me.

But, as you can probably guess… that only made things worse. My issues gradually led to psoriasis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, constipation, and a protruding tummy. And with every symptom, I felt more and more like a failure.

Fast forward the tape a few years. I was in grad school studying economics and psychology, and of course, my old “enemy” had to come along for the ride. Between school, internships, and studying, I had no time to be curled up in the fetal position on my couch babying my stomach.

I decided I’d had enough, and it was time to take charge. But it was clear I couldn’t get at the problem through traditional medicine means. I had to take a different route.

And so, my quest for a new solution began again.

This time, I knew I needed more than answers – I needed to get down deep into the causes.

Why was a simple physiological function that should have been automatic having so many problems running according to plan? Why did foods that were supposed to be good for me making me look five months pregnant?

I started with my diet. Fiber supplements, detoxes, fasting, green juices, probiotics, enzymes, macrobiotic diet, lean protein, raw foods, herbal teas, essential oils.… you name it, I gave it a shot.  (I even made my wonderful boyfriend carry single-serve probiotic drinks in his suitcase every time we traveled. He gets bonus points for that one.)

Some of it was helpful. Some of it was impractical. Some of it was a complete waste of my time and energy. But nothing resolved my issues entirely.

It was a time of struggle peppered with small victories. There were days when I wanted to cry, furious with my body for being the way it was. Other days, I was intensely inspired and happy to be learning at such a fast pace in a hands-on way.

Thankfully, that’s when I discovered Ayurveda… and everything changed.

Ayurveda taught me our bodies are complex instruments influenced by a variety of factors (edible and otherwise). I discovered internal dialogue, mindfulness, and self love were having as much of an effect on my body as the foods that made me uncomfortable.

According to Ayurveda’s teachings, everyone is unique, and requires a unique diet and lifestyle to feel their best. What works for one person may not work for another – and that’s OK.

Gradually, with a lot of awareness work, positive psychology, journaling, and self-exploration, I finally began to develop a better understanding and appreciation for the endless wisdom of my body.

My relationship with my belly turned from one of mutual abuse, to a compassionate, loving connection. The bloating slowed down, and I found the foods that nurtured me, instead of making me swell up like a balloon.

And for the first time… I felt free.

But it didn’t stop there.

While I was on my journey of discovery, other women heard about what I was doing, and began to approach me for advice.

It amazed me how many of my sisters were combating the same issues I was. Chronic discomfort, painful cramps, fatigue, and worst of all, frustration. I loved sharing what I knew so much, I realized I wanted to do it on a grander scale.

That’s how Spinach and Yoga was born.

I started writing like a madwoman, and eventually started coaching women 1-1 on the ways of Ayurveda, self-care, and total body love. It doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. In fact, it can be a nurturing, beautiful experience.

Nowadays, my digestion is regular, my stomach feels flat and nourished, and I feel confident about my food choices. Best of all, I help women across the world take the small steps that make a massive difference.

Yes, my journey was a long one full of trial and error, but I’m so grateful. Because helping you find the strategies that will change everything for your life and digestion has become my life and heart’s work.

There is nothing more amazing to me than seeing a woman’s relief when she finally understands that her body is unique, and she needs her own approach to living and eating.

If you’re facing a struggle too, know this:

You are not a failure. You don’t need to be perfect. Your body is not your enemy – it’s your best teacher. And there is a solution for you.

You just need to take a deep breath, step back, and examine the way your habits, cycles, relationships, and cravings are running the show.

I can promise you: you already have the answers. You just need to wake up to them, and trust your gut. Literally.

I’m so excited to share everything I know with you.

So please, make yourself comfy. We have a whole world to explore together.