One Tip To Change Your Life

It usually takes something unusual, powerful, and new to shift our perspective, to take us to a new level of understanding, and to transform our lives.

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It can be an extraordinary person, a well written story, or an unforgettable trip.

My tip for you is to take a leap, to drop the routine, and to spring towards transformation.

If your new year resolutions included any of the following, this trip might be exactly what you need to fulfill them:

  • Make more yoga friends and feel a part of the community
  • Find more ME time and do what makes ME happy
  • Rest, relax, detox
  • Do more yoga
  • Start a regular meditation practice
  • Eat vegetarian healthy meals
  • Travel to exotic places
  • Do something exciting and unusual
  • Be more courageous and spontaneous

Travelling to another continent, diving into another culture, and leaving your daily routine behind often allows us to re-evaluate our life, reassess our values, and deepen our yoga practice. Nothing can make this experience more powerful than the guidance of Yug Purush Swami Parmanand Giri Ji Maharaj, who is recognized as an enlightened being even by the United Nations during a 2-week long retreat to India in March 2012.

This is a dream come true vacation for any yogi, especially if you want to escape the cold and bask in the sun near the Himalayas and peacefully meditate on the banks of the Ganges.

This 2 part trip is a rare opportunity to combine an exciting adventure with peaceful rejuvenation. A week of studying yoga and Vedanta at an ashram on the shores of Ganges with an enlightened yoga and Vedanta teacher will be followed by 9 days of visiting 4 beautiful ancient cities.  You will never see sights like this, and no pictures or videos will ever do it justice!

You can choose to participate in the entire trip, or either of the parts described below…

Part 1: A Yoga and Vedanta course at Vrindavan ashram

Do you want to extend the peace, serenity, and sense of well-being you feel after yoga class? What better way to do this than by taking a yoga vacation to a real ashram and to study under the guidance under of an enlightened master?

What: You may love to take yoga classes at your local yoga studio, but nothing, and we mean nothing is like a yoga course led by a living legend Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj at Vrindavan ashram in India.  This is where yoga was born! Your ashram stay will be structured and follow a daily schedule with satsang, asana classes and lectures. You will get to practice yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, and yoga nidra on a daily basis. A simple but delicious vegetarian fare will help to detox and bring your body back into balanced state. During our stay we will also visit some of the most holy Indian pilgrimage sites in Rishikesh, which is considered the Yoga capital of India on the shores of Ganges.

When: March 3 – 10 (leaving US on the 2nd)
On the 10th of March we come back to Delhi where you can choose to fly home or to stay for another 9 days to travel to Varanasi, Agra, and Jaipur

Part 2: Yoga Pilgrimage Adventure 

This action-filled adventure is a perfect alternative for a boring Caribbean beach vacation. It is a perfect present for yourself and the best value-for-money investment in self-development!!!

What: Forget everything you’ve heard or seen about India.  The Yoga Adventure tour is a carefully planned trip of the most interesting sights in Northern India. In 9 days you will see Delhi, explore the magic of the city of gods – Varanasi, visit the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, and complete the tour in gem stone rich Jaipur.

Unlike other tours, this tour is so much more than the sum of it’s parts.  For two weeks you will be surrounded by like-minded people who are looking to expand their horizons and explore the mysteries of human nature. Aside from daily yoga practice, you will get to mingle with people who live a “yoga lifestyle” and have similar values and interests. Aside from getting deeper into your practice, you will learn about ancient Indian culture and visit famous pilgrimage spots.

When: March 11-20 (Leaving the US on 10th)
Who: With the help of local experts and tour guides, this tour is organized by Nadya Andreeva, a yoga instructor and an Ayurvedic enthusiast. Nadya fell in love with India while studying yoga and Ayurveda there. Having traveled all over the country she was inspired by India’s culture, traditions, and hospitality. She hopes to share the beauty of India and its people during this retreat. Throughout the retreat Nadya will be teaching daily yoga classes and talking about implementing Ayurveda in daily life.

For booking questions and assistance, email Nadya at nadyaand @ gmail dot com or call (646)239-6623

Please find a detailed itinerary here

Our trip last year was a huge success and everyone loved it! You can read about it here and here. Don’t miss out on the adventure this time!

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