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My Mom And The Story Of Her Heart

My mom, my sisters, and me in Moscow

My mom, my sisters, and me in Moscow

My mom had a heart surgery when she was 7 years old. I still remember that the story of her heart being stopped and her being supported by the machines for hours scared me to death when I was a kid. I imagined a Soviet times hospital with green walls, doctors all wearing white and my mom, a little girl then, bravely going under the knife to fix her heart.

Later, I was proud of my mom’s courage to go against doctors orders and to have kids. Doctors told her that being pregnant and giving birth would put too much strain on her heart and she better not do it. She chose to have us anyways. She gave birth to 3 girls.

She made me believe that what doctors say is not always true and that we always have control over our own health.

She was my inspiration and my teacher. I started learning about using herbs to strengthen immune system, steam baths to cure colds, massage to calm down nerves from her. I grew up with 2 natural healers who always used plants, energy work, and natural foods to make my sister and I into adults that we are.

Unfortunately, as many natural healers and doctors taking care of other people, my mom, never took as well of a care for herself as she did about us. She gave her energy to us but didn’t leave much for herself.

Years later her body is starting to show signs of being worn down. Her heart is starting to give in again… It can’t handle her weight well, it can’t pump the blood to her extremities properly, and as a result she feels exhausted, she gets swollen legs, and horrible headaches.

It makes me sad and sick to my stomach. The thought of her not being able to enjoy every day as much as I can, makes my breath short and throat tight. I wish with all my heart that I could fix it. But I can’t. Nobody besides her can. Only she can.

She knows that she needs to lose weight, to move more, to eat healthier, and to stay positive.

The good thing is that she knows what needs to be done. The bad thing is that she doesn’t do it.

The cravings are too strong, walking is not as interesting as watching TV, bread tastes better than kale, and it’s way easier to complain and get angry than to find the strength to be grateful and motivated.

I want her to remember that she is strong and beautiful, that her life story is inspiring, and that she deserves to be healthy and to enjoy life. Most of all I want her to be well.

Being far away I can’t make meals or juice for her but I can do a few things to motivate, inspire and support her.

Here is what I will do for the next few weeks, months, or as long as she needs it:

  • I will call her as often as I can to check in and encourage her
  • I will suggest her to keep a food journal for at least 2 weeks
  • I will help her create a wellness vision and smart goals to achieve it
  • I will help her create a meal plan that she likes
  • I will find youtube videos for her to start exercising
  • I will encourage my dad to help my mom be positive, to walk together, and encourage her to eat healthy and snack less.

This is the first time I am doing something like this with a close family member. I’ve done it multiple times for friends and many of my clients but somehow it feels different when I’m with my mom. I don’t have as much authority, I have a lot more emotions involved and a lot more at stake.

I hope it works out.

Here Is How You Can Help

If you ever were in a situation when you helped a close person get better, please share your tips and lessons. Both my mom and I can use all the help that we can get!

If you are a mom who puts all attention and energy to taking care about others and has no energy to take care about yourself, let me know what you would want from your loved ones to help you get back on a healthy track.

I know that you are busy but your advice can inspire and motivate someone to get healthier so bring it on! Comment below the post!

Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts!

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