Mindful Eating For Enjoyable Weightloss and Overcoming Emotional Eating

Live Workshop In NYC, July 10th 7-9pm

IMG_1449 copyEmotional eating kills us many women from the inside. It messes with digestion, it distorts our already shaky body image, it screws with our confidence, and it depletes our self-trust. The worst thing is that it can make us age faster and become very unhappy. If you want to have vibrant energy, feel light and easy in your body, and finally achieve your healthy weight, this workshop is for you!

Join me Wed, July 10th, 7-9pm to learn a revolutionary approach to eating mindfully and losing weight while enjoying your food like you’ve never had before!

This unique workshop is for you if:

  • You are tired of relying on willpower to control your portions
  • You avoid certain foods because you have no control around
  • You find yourself overeating to the point of discomfort every night and then feeling guilty and groggy the next morning
  • You feel stuck in a pattern of emotional eating that hurts your body and your feelings
  • You want to regain self-trust between you and your cravings
  • You want better digestion with less bloating
  • You know that strict diets don’t work for you and you are ready to try something new

What You’ll Learn

It will be like nothing you’ve experienced in your life! There will be some theory but it will mostly be practice. We will work together to create an experience to help your body relax and enjoy the food in a way that you’ve never done before!

This workshop will help you get intune with your body’s cues so you know when it had enough to eat so you don’t have to use your willpower.

You will learn principles of mindful eating that you can use to reduce the amount and the frequency of binges and skills to eat at any party, buffet, or summer picnics without finding yourself with a distended overloaded stomach.

What You’ll Receive

  • A refreshing “welcome” tea or juice
  • An overview of Mindful Eating principles
  •  Playful exercises to get in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness cues
  •  Skills and meditation techniques to reduce emotional eating, binging, and strong cravings
  • A  beautiful Ayurvedic meal

Dates & Location:

  • July 10th 7:00-9:00pm
  •  25 1st Ave 5th Floor


  • $70 per person
  • $100 for 2 ($40 savings!)


Registration for one $70, click the link below


Registration for Two $100, click the link below


Register at least 24 hrs before the event (we do not process new enrollments at the event)

Limited to 20 people

If someone cancels their registration within 24 hrs they may reschedule or apply the purchase value to another.  Bhagavat Life event or service.  Bhagavat Life does not offer refunds.

BVTLife@gmail.com   646-571-0710

Why you will love this event:

NandyaI  believe that no woman deserves to live in self-hate, in a self-loathing relationship with her body. We deserve to have a loving trust based relationship with ourselves. Willpower is not the answer to changing bad habits. Restrictive diets are not the best way to create a trusting relationship between our body and mind.

In this workshop I will help you to become more comfortable in the art of listening to YOUR body when it comes to making decisions about food.

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools that can help us break patterns and habits that are hurting us. As any skill this skill, mindfulness needs to be developed and practiced. This is your chance!

Without mindfulness we are slaves to old habits and patterns inherited from childhood. In stressful situation we don’t get to make a choice. We engage in self-abusing behaviors like binge-eating, self-loathing self-talk, or overeating. Whatever we do, most of the time it hurts our bodies, our emotions, our relationship with self, and sometime our relationships with others.

I want to share something very special with you. It is the ultimate testament to a trusting, love-based relationship between 2 life-long partners: our mind and body. I will to share an experiential practice with you. It helps to rebuild the lost trust, connection, and bring nourishment to the mind-body relationship. This practice is mindful eating and listening to your Inner Wisdom.
My desire for you is to live fully and experience freedom around food that you’ve always dreamed of. I will be honored to help you on this journey, if you only let me!
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