Lighten Up - 90 min webinar replay!

Ready to Lighten Up For Spring and Feel Vibrant, Light, and Rejuvenated?

Preparation for summer doesn’t have to be exhausting, filled with restriction, guilt, body shame, and resentment.

I invite you to join me in utilizing Simplicity, Flow, Feminine Energy, your own Body Intelligence and Ayurveda to peel off winter heaviness and step into Spring feeling Light and Rejuvenated!

In this webinar you will learn:

1. What one woman did to finally get out of the binge and restrict cycle, lost 17 pounds, and stopped her food struggle
2. 3 foods that will boost your energy and eliminate cravings. They don’t take any time to cook!
3. A SUPER effective way to balance your hormones and stop feeling drained and stressed out
4. 5 healing foods for a flat and happy belly that doesn’t bloat and stays regular

Register for the New Vibrant You 6 Weeks Program with an early bird discount before May 27th.


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