Kitchen Evolution Report

Kitchen Evolution workshop was a great success! We had an amazing group of health-loving explorers from all paths of life: a Chinese herbalist, a fashion photographer, a future Buddhist professor, a talented journalist, a modern dancer, a spa owner, a clothing designer – all united with a passion for wellness.

Lifethyme chef treated us to a tasty selection of raw, vegan, gluten-free puddings (Strawberry Pistachio Cake was a hit!), coconut  shake, raw sprouted lentil and zucchini hummus, sesame kale salad, Roasted vegetables and Quinoa pie, and a yummy chicken pot pie.  We tried BBQ and granola kale chip varieties, tasted a few energy treats with honey and pistachios, and made our own chia seed pudding.

Granola Kale Bar

We talked about ways to reduce acidity and inflammation using super greens, discussed time-saving cooking techniques (think: overnight soaking) and enzyme-rich smoothies. All the participants got a Kitchen Evolution Recipe Book with easy power food recipes.

If you missed the workshop, here are some of the most important highlights of the lecture:

  • It is possible to overeat but still be malnourished
  • Lack of nutrients is one of the main reasons you experience cravings
  • Some veggies are very rich in protein! Spinach and broccoli are made up of 30% protein
  • High-intensity exercise increases acidity in the body, dark greens and easily digestible proteins are the best way to alkalize your body and to help it  restore from a difficult workout
  • Highly acidic environment makes the inflammation more likely. Including lots of alkalizing foods in your diet will help to reduce inflammation (including allergies, IBS, and eczema)
  • You can turn any seed or grain into a super food but sprouting it
  • One of the fastest ways to provide a boost of energy to your body and mind is to have a liquid-based (soup, smoothie) meal with vegetable protein such as hemp, peas, or chia seeds, healthy carbs from fruits, and good oils like coconut or nuts

The next Kitchen Evolution workshop is happening soon! Sign up to get notified about the exact dates. Let’s learn together how to turn kitchen into a healing pharmacy!

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