Kitchen Evolution: Grocery Shopping Tour and Brunch

Learn how to shop to lose weight and stay healthy!

Saturday July 9th, 12 – 2pm at Lifethyme Market

Cost: $50 Includes buffet style brunch with multiple raw, vegan, and gluten free options



Staying healthy, losing weight, speeding up a recovery process starts with selecting the most healthy and nutritious foods at the grocery store! It is easy to eat well when your kitchen is stocked up with easy to prepare delicious ingredients.

This Grocery Shopping Tour will help you discover new Super Power foods, healthy alternatives to favorite snacks, and introduce you to the amazing nutritious desserts that are not only guilt-free but are good for you!
With advertising and the impact the media has on our lives, what is truly healthy may be misinterpreted. We will look at the ingredients and learn how to demystify the reading of food labels as you gain more insight on choosing the most healthy and nutritious foods available.
You will master the art of healthy grocery shopping as we tour the aisles of Lifethyme, the healthiest store in New York city! You’ll learn new and exciting summer recipes that will give you more energy, and will help you eliminate cravings to maintain or lose weight.
Learn about seasonal fruits and vegetable and new ways to cook them into the bright summer dishes. You’ll spend a fun afternoon meeting with Lifethyme directors who will treat us to a tasting of some delicious, easy to prepare treats. We’ll taste a cooling quinoa and chia seed pudding and learn about the benefits of sprouted grains including where to get them and how to prepare them. As a take-home souvenir you’ll get a recipe for a quick cashew nut milk, summer coconut shake, chilled yummy soups, and delicious light desserts. You will end the day full of new ideas to freshen up your healthy eating routine for the season and a happy belly full after a light vegan lunch at Lifethyme.
Enjoy a quick introduction to reading nutritional labels including the secrets behind the nutritional data.  I will help you learn how to read nutrition labels, avoid marketing traps, improve nutrient quality and add variety to your diet! You will also learn how to stock a healthy and tasty kitchen with foods your whole family will enjoy!
We will go over general health tips for staying healthy and balanced during the summer season. We will explore how the dewy, warmer properties of summertime effect our physical and mental states of being while introducing and sampling easy to learn diet and lifestyle tools and modifications. We will learn delicious recipes, cooking methods, skincare remedies, light yoga postures and breathing techniques.

410 Sixth Avenue
New York, New York  10011

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